summarize tabs into one

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    Excel guidance - Matching Role and Employee competencies and bring back highest match

    Good afternoon, I have two main sheets that are outputs of a process. Sheet 1 has a list of critical roles and the behavioural competencies for that role and each role is rated depending on whether that competency is Critical to the Role, Highly Desirable, or not necessary. Sheet 2 has...
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    VBA Help Requested - Rolling up Tabs

    Hello everyone- I hope everybody is doing well. I have been spinning my wheels on trying to figure out how to best finish coding this Excel macro, and I figured at this point I should just reach out to the experts! I have attached a (scrubbed) sample picture of what I am working on for an...
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    I need to summarize data from 4 sheets in a workbook into one master sheet within the same workbook. The 4 sheets represent different employees and the data are the accounts they are responsible for spread over 12 months. There's a billed, paid and difference row. The summary sheet needs to...

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