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    Pulling selected rows from multiple worksheets to a destination worksheet

    Hey all! Seriously struggling here. See if you can help this poor soul out! What I am looking for: There are 7 worksheets in this book, 5 of which have same column headings (second to sixth worksheets). I want to pull selected rows from these 5 worksheets into the 7th worksheet (CAP) while...
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    Summary of all worksheets

    Good day everyone, I am struggling to find the best option to solve my issue. I have an excel file for projects costing with around 30 worksheets corresponding to specific product/project area. When the project is initiated, required sub-parts are chosen in different worksheets, so that each...
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    Many WorkBooks to Summary WB

    Hello to one in this wonderful forum! I need some help on a Macro. I have a folder with many Excel WorkBooks in it. All the WBs are encrypted by the same password. The data in these WBs are in Sheet1, in the Column C5:C10. The Macro should open each WB in the Folder and copy the data from...
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    Need to Pull Rows of Data from Several Worksheets to a Master Sheet

    Hi,<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> I need input on a formula that would be able to pull data from rows on several worksheets. The Master worksheet should be a summary worksheet of the other worksheets that meet a criteria. Also...
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    Indirect Function Summary Tab Template - Need Help!

    Dear users, I am looking to create a summary worksheet using the indirect function to collect "Prices" from several tabs in the same worksheet. As I have about 40 workbooks to do this for, I want to create a Summary Template I can copy and paste into the other workbooks: As seen in MrExcel #...
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    Code to pull specific cell values from each worksheet to a summary worksheet

    I have about 1-150 worksheets in a workbook that I need specific cells pulled so I don't have to go to each worksheet to see the value that is there (all the worksheets are exactly the same) I would like to start pulling values from the 5th worksheet to the end of the workbook What I would...

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