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    Categorizing time data into 15 minute periods.

    Hi! I have a large group of data which has number of bat calls (split by species) and then the time of each the calls. I would like to group the calls into 15 minute periods in relation to sunset eg 15 minutes before sunset, 0-15 minutes after sunset, 15-30 minutes after sunset, 30-45 mins...
  2. P

    calculate sunrise sunset based on coordinates

    Hi, Can anybody let me know how to calculate the sun rise sun set based on the coordinates of a location. I have found a lot of online places but luck finding the formulas to calculate on a spreadsheet. Help please. Many thanks Pjardino
  3. S

    Sun and Moon states

    Hi As you can see I'm a first time poster. I have spent the last 48 hours trying to find help on the below, suceeded in getting some way to the formula but seem to be falling at the last post! I have checked the forum, but can't find anything similar on which to compare. To give you some...

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