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    Power Pivot Date Join

    I have 3 tables, One is a workorder table that has the due date of some 300 workorders (obviously dates are repeated) Second table is a supervisor table for dates that supervisors worked (again repeated dates) Third table is a calendar table I created through PowerPivot I am trying to merge...
  2. W

    Dynamically change header based on worksheet

    Is it possible to dynamically set a print header depending on the page that's being printed? Basically I need to create an attendance tracker that's used by the people inputting the data, and the people tracking it. Each worksheet is assigned to a specific supervisor. The supervisors will print...
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    Excel VBA .Find issue

    Hello I have a workbook, that has multiple sheets the sheets are called the following Supervisors 1 , Supervisors 2, Supervisors 3, Supervisors 4, Staff 1, Staff 2, Staff 3, Staff 4 and a sheet called Summary. My issue is that when I try to look for Total Supervisors or Total Staff, I get a...
  4. M

    Print using range lookup for signed in user

    I have a workbook that I don't want anyone else to print except the supervisors. I have a list of those supervisor's ID's in a range on a tab in the workbook. All of our users have to sign into the computer using their ID. I am looking for some code that will compare the user sign on to the...
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    How to associate an employee name with the name of their supervisor?

    Excel noob here. Each week I have multiple spreadsheets where my sole task is to alphabetize them by employee name and to manually insert their supervisors name next to them. This is incredibly time consuming for me. How can I make it so entering the employees name will yield their supervisors...

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