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    Protect Multiple Sheet at once

    Hello Is it possible to apply a vba protect multiple sheets at once? (I have the VBA already - kindly supplied on this site) Thank you
  2. I

    Run macro only if 2 criteria apply

    Hi, I am currently using the following code supplied. It works fine as it should but i have noticed that if the cell B13 has no value the macro still runs. Please can you advise an edit to add to the supplied code so not only must cell B13 be active BUT it must also contain a value Sub...
  3. P

    Counting dates (US to Europe form)

    Hey. I've run into a problem: I've been supplied with dates, of which I need to remove anything that is 4 weeks or more from today's date. Now the problem is that the dates I've been supplied with are in the format (, while excel gives today as (mm/dd/yyyy). How can I get around the...
  4. K

    Excel 365 not working

    Hi Guys, I need to ask a question, I no longer have my desktop PC and now been supplied Microsoft surface pro, but the problem I had was I had an older version of excel, but they have now supplied me with Office 365. My excel has VBA and Command button, now when I run the VBA, the information...

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