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    Auto hide & show rows in excel 2013 password protected sheet

    Greetings Mrexcel, I am new in this forum and i asked a question about above title but I can't receive the answer being sent to me Mrexcel and the reason am getting is that my inbox is full ,i surely don't know what to as all my inboxes are empty. Please help me receive that answer to my...
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    copying on to visible cells only..

    Hey I've tried googling this unsuccessfully:( I want to copy cells E1 to E5 on to 5 cells with hidden rows in between them. Surely this can be done! I can only find solutions to select active cells only (ignoring hidden rows) and paste them somewhere else.
  3. P

    Sumif condition

    My formula is =SUMIF(B6:B93,A101,L6:L93) the condition im looking for is if B6:B93 =B101 then add the numbers from L6:L93 together but when i do its giving me 0 instead of 1 i surely cant be too far wrong TIA
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    Conditional format Error?

    Hi peoples, NEW col C is populated by the formula =if($A1=1,B1,"") filled down B is occasionaly a whole number (say) 3 or above - I wish to highlight such occurence. Whe I apply the Conditional format (say) >2.9 the entire Col C highlights??? Please - there is surely a simple fix for this...

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