1. U

    Want to fill and swap values in the cells and column

    I have a excel table in the form below: Level1 Level1- Level2 Level2 Level2- Level3 Level3 Level3- Level4 Level4 a b c d f i j b a d e g g k b e c h d i The Level1 is parent records, Level2 is child records, Level3 is grandchild records and so on... Level1-Level2 is...
  2. T

    Macro to swap data around

    Hi Everyone, I have data in cell D5:D6 that needs to go into F5:F6 but need whats in F5:F6 to go into D5:D6 with a macro please help if you can thanks Tony
  3. P

    Swap values in Same Column Different Row ange

    Hello, I can't find a solution. I am trying to look through each value down a column, and compare the value to all other rows, in the same column, except to the one where it was found. If the value is not found on the compared row, take the original value in the column and swap it with the value...
  4. T

    A simple task, but yet it seems not so . . . Swapping to cells around.

    I have a CSV file which is generated from sketchup. I need to know how to take two columns and compare the cells adjacent to each other in those columns and swap the values around if the left cells value is smaller than the right cell. Seems easy enough to do, but i just cant get it right !:laugh:
  5. A

    Excel Command Button For Swapping 2 Cells

    Hi I have two values in non adjacent cells (C4 and J4) that I wish to swap between them by clicking a single command button, and that can be done any number of times needed. I know how to insert a command button but I really don't know VBA coding. I googled my problem but I can't manage to find...
  6. N

    Swap Cells Based On Content

    Looking for an excel VBA that will assist with the following: if column A has content swap it with content in column B <tbody> FPE100<strike></strike> <strike></strike> FPE101<strike></strike> FPA001<strike></strike> FPO00111 FPE102<strike></strike> <strike></strike> FPE103...
  7. W

    VBA: Moving Cell Value from one column to adjacent cell if destination is blank

    Hey guys, This is my first post so please bare that in mind. I am working with a software that outputs a ton of data and I need to move data from "G1:G300" to "I1:I300" but only in the cases where the "I" column's cells are blank and have no value. This is what I have so far: Sub...
  8. A

    how can I use VBA to give user ability to swap rows?

    Hello, I have a quick question. I have excel 2010 and want to use VBA in to be able to move a entire row, with formulas and values, up or down and swap with the row above or below I wonder if I can use arrows like in the pic i quickly made below, so they could click them to move the rows up or...
  9. H

    Macro to Swap/Replace a entire column by using the header name?

    Hi guys: I have a lot of columns named different ways, lets suppose that their names are "products","sales","vendor","place","shops","customers" etc... What i need is a macro that will copy and paste the information that is in the column "sales" into the column of "customers" for example. I...
  10. E

    Swapping Ranges Question

    I am currently in the process of creating a macro that will swap two ranges on one sheet and then swap the same ranges on a different sheet automatically. The macro works and I am able to swap the first 2 ranges on the first sheet with this macro but then I have to manually enter the second...
  11. D

    Swap Values for Entire column

    Hi guys, I've been working on a small vba macro that will swap the values in column a and b if column a is greater. I already came up with the code to swap values between two cells...but I need this code to work for the whole column of a and b. I suppose I need a loop...can someone help me...
  12. G

    Need to convert Columns to Rows and nest within the current rows

    Hi! Here's a link to my data: https://app.box.com/MyQuestion My Question: In the file that I'm sharing (link above), my data is arranged like this: <colgroup><col><col><col span="5"></colgroup><tbody> A B C D E F R1 Customer 39222 33525 34035 34136 34712 R2 5440226048 1 2 3 4 7 R3...
  13. M

    Need to swap a range of cells in Excel

    Hi, I have created a roster application, but on occasion I will need to swap hours rostered between employees. My data is as follows: I have 10 employees, and I capture data relative to their working day in 15 columns. I would like to be able to enter two employee names in 2 adjoining...
  14. S

    excel 2003 - vba - swap cell content

    Hi, I am stuck on this particular problem... Scenario: I have a simple column in my activeworksheet Column A --------- 1 ( Cell 1,1 ) 2 ( Cell 2,1 ) 3 ( Cell 3,1 ) 4 ( Cell 4,1 ) 5 ( Cell 5,1 ) let us suppose the user changes the content in Cell(1,1) from 1 to 2 and now the column would...

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