1. D

    Flash menu in excel

    I want to put a flash picture carousel to act as a menu inside a worksheet. To acomplish that i need to embed the flash carousel inside the worksheet which is easy using a SHOCKWAVE FLASH CONTROL. Once the movie is inserted you could scroll the pictures with the mouse and supose you scroll to...
  2. T

    SWF in Excel 2010

    Hi, I recently installed Excel 2010 and to my disappointed the Xcelsius SWF that I had integrated in my Spreadsheet does not work anymore. When I look under the list of ActiveX Controls in the Developer Tab Shochwave is not there anymore. Does anybody know how to reinsert the SWF control in...
  3. J

    imbedding swf shockwave activex object

    I can imbed a .swf file in my excel 2007 spreadsheet using the shockwave flash object but when I save/close/open the file the framenum property is set to -1, my flash file does not display, and I can't change back to 0. Any ideas how to get the 0 to stick? thx

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