1. C

    Count Days Between Two Dates

    I thought this would be simple but my attempts are not working for me. I need two things PLEASE. I am trying to calculate the total number of "days" between two dates, and secondly, calculate the number of "week days" between the same dates. Each would be in a separate cell. I am totally...
  2. D

    Keeping open the notepad

    Hey guyz, I am working on VBA environment, would like to keep my notepad open all the time without switching the active screen. Is there any way we can do this ? Dinesh S
  3. S

    Switching Windows with Different File names

    I feel silly asking this but I just cannot figure it out. I have a macro workbook set up with form control buttons to pick the module you would like to run. The issue I am having is getting the macro to activate a different window regardless of the file name as the file name is different for...
  4. jim may

    Switching Pivot Table Data Sources

    My PT isn't updating after switching my data sources. It might be that my Pivot Cache isn't updating. If I go into my immediate Window (VBE) what one-line statement can I type to Update my Cache? TIA, Jim
  5. R

    After using Find, typed values do not display until switching sheets.

    Hi, I have been passed a problem by a colleague. They use Find to locate a cell, then enter a value alongside this cell but these values do not display in the cell. They do display in the formula bar. The values appear when switching to another sheet and back again. This only seems to occur...
  6. V

    Formulas Calculation Options

    So in a spreadsheet that we have to continuously update that my colleague just handed over to me, I just discovered that the Formulas Calculation Option was changed from Automatic to Manual. I would like to know if there are any instances that such switching can occur on its own without someone...
  7. D

    Access 2007 vs Access 2010

    I am switching to Win 10. Is there any reason not to go to Access 2010 as well? tia Jack
  8. B

    Quickly accessing file in another excel instance

    Hi, I am running excel 2010 on windows 7 and due to the memory limitation in one session of excel (ours keel over when they hit 900MB) we are forced to run 2 separate instances. In each of the sessions we have a number of workbooks open. The problem we have is quickly switching from a...
  9. F

    Swap pasting - cutting and pasting cells' contents

    I'm doing a ton of corrections for mixed up information. Is there a function that will cut and paste a cell's contents and automatically push the destination's cells contents to the original cell that you cut from? i.e. - Swapping contents... if that does exists, I'd assume I could assign a...
  10. P

    VBA - Subscript out of range/Switching between workbooks

    Hi, i tried to solve a problem appeared to me before and another came up. I have set a UserForm with ComboBox for multiple selection items. I use 4-5 subroutines in a row so the UserForm user to select a specific value. Depended ComboBox in other words. The error i get is that of "Subscript out...
  11. T

    Switching sheets formula

    Hi there, I am currently working on an Excel presentation, using buttons to display 3 charts on 3 separate sheets. Please advise on formulas I could use with the buttons to switch between the charts. thanks
  12. S

    Refresh problems when switching between spreadsheets

    I frequenly have two Excel spreadsheets open so I can copy and paste data between them. For some reason, when I alt-tab between the spreadsheets, sometimes a portion of the spreadsheet is pure white... almost as if that part of the spreadsheet hasn't "refreshed" yet. If I minimize it and then...

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