tab name in formula

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    Automatic Cell name change - Tab name

    Hi guys, I've seen people post how to change a Tab name based on a cell's value/name using a macro, but what I'm looking for is the exact opposite. I need to have a cell's name/value change based on a tab's name. Would appreciate the help. Thank you
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    Auto Looking up a tab on sheet indexing a certain cell

    Hi, I have a formula where i want to look up a cell which is date populated and then look up the corresponding tab with that date on it. We have tabs of data for every day. I just need to know what formula do i use to look up the tab? So in the below the XXXX part needs to actually be...
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    Tab hidden/unhidden formula

    Say I have tabs in excel named 1,2,3,...,10. Is there a formula to determine which of these tabs are unhidden or hidden. Example. Tabs 1 and 2 are open. Tabs 3 to 10 are hidden. Tab Formula result 1 Yes 2 Yes 3 No 4 No 5 No 6 No 7 No 8...
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    Help with VBA to delete columns in new tabs

    Hello, I'm trying to make a macro that simply creates new tabs and assigns names to each by referencing a list. After doing so, I need it to delete Columns A:F per each new tab. The macro works fine if I take out Columns("A:F").Delete but obviously I need that in there. Any ideas what to...
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    How do I use a tab name and cell reference in a formula?

    I have a spreadsheet that pulls in values from another file. My question involves using a Tab name in a formula. I use my Total Order spreadsheet to total up my food ordering sheet based on what menu days are coming up. (We have 32 menu days, then start over again with Day 1. We only need to...
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    Dynamic Tab Reference in Formula

    I have a sumproduct formula below on a summary sheet in a workbook which works fine. I have multiple tabs in the workbook. Is there a way i can reference each tab based on a cell and copy this formula over based on the tab name? =SUMPRODUCT((Burt!B4:G4='Overall...
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    Adding TAB names into formulas

    Hello! I have a workbook, with lots of sheets. I am working on a summary sheet now and need a formula to look up data from the various tabs. Current Formula is =IF(COUNTIF(TABNAMEONE!$A$7:$A$47,Overview!L6)>0,1,0) I would need in the next column the formula to read...
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    Insert the worksheet / tab name to where a formula in a cell refers- formula possible?

    Hi Forum members, Thanks for all the useful information I've used over the years. I'd like to know if there's a way to insert into a sheet the name of the worksheet that a cell formula refers to, and not the name of the worksheet the cell sits in. I've looked at many postings on inserting...
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    Referencing A Sheet Name in a Formula

    Hi, In column A I have a list of all the tab names (numbered 1-90). In column B I want to get the value of a constant cell from each worksheet (cell $I$47 in each tab). Is there a way I can use the tab name in column A as part of a formula to return the result, so that I can enter it once in...

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