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    How do I add command button to tab order on a worksheet?

    Hi All I'm using cells in a worksheet for data entry (rather than a user form). User enters Name, Make and Price then clicks a command button ("ADD") to add the data to separate worksheet. It would be much quicker if the user could just use Tab key to highlight the command button (then Enter...
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    Dtabase Crashes when Selecting the Tab Order button!

    I am trying to reorder the sequence/order in which a tab button will take my database users through the fields (nothing to do with tabs on sub-forms). I have been told that this can be achieved by going through the Arrange tab on the menu bar and selecting Tab Order. However, as soon as I...
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    Sorting tabs

    Hi, I have a large workbook with lots of sheets and I need to be able to sort the sheets so they are alphabetical from left to right, i.e. sheet "AA", then "AB", then "BA" etc. Is there a way to do this? Thanks Steve
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    Having to hit enter twice to move to a new cell

    Hello I have 2 users of Excel 2007 who intermitantly have to hit enter twice to have excel move to the next cell. This doesnt happen all the time, but it happens enough to frustrate them. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Thanks Dee

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