1. D

    Adding percentages

    I have a file that on one tab has countif statements that yield percentages and on another tab I have linked certain cells, what I need help doing is I have 2 cells on tab 1 that I need to combine the percentages on tab2. Cells K3 and L3 currently 40% and 7% on tab 1 need to be combined on tab 2...
  2. A

    Stop Calculating at end of month

    Hello, I have a workbook with 2 tabs. Tab 1 (Calculate) this tab has 3 different trainers with topics. #people trained and # minutes trained. Tab 2 (training Log) is the months laid out exp(C1, D1, E1, etc,, ) A1 has the names. Now on Tab2 for each month I have the formula to grab the numbers...
  3. I

    Problems to get external data from Excel/Onedrive into Excel/Desktop - "rows jumping"

    Dear, I use 3rd party-services (IFTTT) to add new incoming e-mails from Gmail on Excel/Onedrive, that feeds the Excel/Desktop: Gmail > IFTTT > Excel Onedrive > Excel Desktop To import the data from Excel/Onedrive into Excel/Desktop first I create a connection and after I use the command “Get...
  4. P


    Hi, Got a problem, I want to use a SUMiF.... though i want to say if cell G1(tab1) = the cell in ranges A1:a350 (tab2) then sum the four cells to the right of A:A (tab2) e.g. B1:e1 (if first row, or what ever row where this is true) if this is false = ""
  5. D

    Not sure if vlookup or index formula is needed

    Good day, I am hoping somebody can help me. I have 2 tabs, as shown below. I am trying to copy column C (Name) from tab2 to column C (Name) on tab1 where columns A (ID) match. Now the above I can do using a vlookup but where I am failing is that it needs to copy the value from the row where...
  6. E

    Matching a List With Duplicates Values

    Hi, I have a list of reference numbers in column A, some of these reference numbers have duplicated. What I want to do is check the list and for every reference number that matches to what is in column A of "Tab2", I want Yes returned. I tried to use Vlookup but this seems to ignore duplicates...
  7. E

    Returning a Value Based on Mixed Criteria

    Hi All, I have a list of unique IDs in column A, I want to check these against the unique IDs in column A of "tab2" and when there is a match I want column B of "tab2" checked for an occurrence of "3(1)". With column B the cells maybe mixed so some will have "3(15), 2(18)" in this occurrence I...

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