1. Nelson78

    Vba and Excel: navigate url with tabindex

    Hello everybody. I'm trying to navigate a website as hundreds of time I've done. Probably I'm a little bit tired, anyway this time I cannot login because a particular framework with tabindex. The usual strategy doesn't work (no errors but nothing happens)...
  2. M

    Dynamically SetFocus to next TabIndex control

    I have a user form that contains a MultiPage control and within in each page there are a number of textboxes. I have managed to write the code to get the TabIndex of currently active control strMeasure is the label of the currently active control (textbox)intTabIndex =...
  3. V

    TabIndex - Frames

    Hello all I have a userform in excel with multiple frames each containing text boxes I am trying to Tabindex across the frames but it will not work with the Properties window Is there another way please of completing this IE Frame1 Texbox1 = 1 Frame2 TextBox2 = 2 Frame3 TextBox3 = 3 At...
  4. P

    How could I stay my focus on certain Userfrom textbox , don't follow Enter key jump to another botton

    :confused: Suppose I have a Userfrom GUI , there are 3 Botton and one textbox on it. And I want to Scan a barcode and show it on the textbox. Unforturntly , my barcode scanner will add a Enter keyboard key while it finish the barcode scan everytime. Once I Scan any barcode and write down...
  5. rajkavikumar

    How to get Tabindex from userform

    Hello Guys, I am working on different User forms and I am trying to get tab index of all controls available in user form some forms also have frames and I am creating generic function which will have form as argument But I am facing difficulties as some forms are having frames I need proper...
  6. B

    Setting TabIndex using VBA

    I have a UserForm with 60 TextBoxes and other controls. I would like to write code that will loop through the TextBoxes and set the value of the TabIndex to be equal to that of the TextBox number so that they can be tabbed through in order. The code will look something like this: Sub...

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