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    VBA Creating Named Tables in multiple sheets in new workbook

    Hi, i have some code that a) filters data from the table in one sheet into a group of new sheets named by the filter value b) creates a new workbook from these sheets The script does the above. The additional code has no effect that i can see. It doesnt stop it working, it just doesnt do...
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    VBA Filter copy table with no data - copy whole table

    Hello, I'm not the best at this yet so please don't judge my code below... I am having a problem in the code where I highlighted it blue. I know there are some options like using an IF statement but I can never get those to work. We have 13 tabs for the 13 weeks in the quarter. As you can see...
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    Table Filter to Set Pivot Table Field on a Different Worksheet

    Hi all, first time posting. Using Excel 2010, I have a large Table on a tab called "Data - $" and a predefined pivot table on a different tab called "Gate Status". The goal is to refresh the pivot table and autofilter one of the pivot row fields based on the filter selected in the Table on the...
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    Alternating Between Data Sources in Dynamic Chart

    I’ve been banging my head against the wall trying to figure this out :banghead: I don’t have any training in Excel or VBA. Everything I’ve ever learned to do in Excel has been from looking stuff up online or picking apart other people’s spreadsheets to see how they did something. My problem… I...
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    Matching list in table

    I am trying to shortlist a table by matching information from a list, and would appreciate your help. The list and the table are variable in size and content, the location in the table where the list members can be found also varies. Below is a simplified example of what I am looking at and what...
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    How do I clear filters in Worksheets and Tables?

    Using Excel 2010 on Windows 7, I have a workbook with many sheets, some of which contain more than 1 data data table that is fed by data connections. I have the following code. When the code runs, if the cursor is within a table, the table's filters are cleared. But if the active cell is not...

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