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    counting blank cells in every growing table

    I want to count the number of blank cells in A:A but only relating to my table size. Is there a way to only have the cells in my current table be counted? Formula's I've tried so far with no luck: =countblank(A:A) =countif(A:A,"") Also, I know it's not VBA code, but wanted to show it nicely...
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    Table from other file as a source for pivot table

    Hi people! I have data in separate file organized as excel table range. I want to use this table name as a source for pivot table in other file. The funny thing it doesn't let me do this saying the range is wrong. Though it works ok inside 1 file. Additionally, trying to come around, when I...
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    Output Data based on 2 Data Validation Selections and Table Range

    Hello, I am creating a product selection tool for customers. In this selection tool they will be able to select options from different Data Validation lists. I want one option in the table to change based on 2 specific parameters that they have chosen and ultimately choose the right value from...
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    How do I set a table's range to automatically adjust to source data?

    I cant figure out how or if it is even possible to have a table automatically adjust its range or the number or rows it has based on another table I have two tables: Table1 is raw data that is added two daily Table2 has formulas with column header references to Table1 that processes the...
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    Specify range based on cell contents?

    I'm trying to create a macro that copies and sorts a table in 2 different places. I recorded a macro that did the trick at first but have come to the realization that since the ranges i recorded are static, than when i move the tables up or down one row they stop working. I therefore created 5...

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