table styles

  1. D

    VBA for sheet design and table style options, for application to whole workbook

    Hi, Hopefully you guys might be able to advise me, I've spent most of today looking over different VBA code but I've not found anything quite like what I'm looking to do. I currently have a workbook whose individual sheets pull data from different excel workbooks on Sharepoint. When this data...
  2. M

    New Stable Style - Set For All New Workbooks

    Hi, Excel 2010 I have searched for this problem and for others that may have similar solutions, but without luck. Apologies if I have managed to miss something that will later seem obvious. I am trying to design a new table style that can then be used in all new blank workbooks. I have...
  3. Randall00

    Ok, so there's ActiveCell and ActiveSheet...but how 'bout ActiveTable?

    Hi there! This is about the ever-unfolding mysteries surrounding Tables from Office 2007 in VBA. The lovely piece of code below does a fine job of removing the Table style from Table1 and converting it to a normal range: Sub RemoveTableStyle() Dim oSh As Worksheet Set oSh =...

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