1. K

    VLOOKUP when table_array is a Table

    Is there an easy way to connect VLOOKUP from defined Table to another defined Table? Is there a better function to do this? I'm trying to get away from using relative cell/column locations. When I do a VLOOKUP in a table and reference another table, I get something like the...
  2. J

    variables in .formula vs .formular1c1

    Trying to sub a variable into vlookup for the table array. This works: Sub vl() ' temporary fix for summer teach Dim vl1 As Range Dim vl2 As Range Dim vl1a As Range Set vl1 = Range("A:A").Find("C.I.") Set vl2 = Range("B:B").Find("17200") Set vl1a = Range(vl1, vl2) MsgBox...
  3. J

    setting table array in vlookup using find

    Hi all, New to VBA, learning a lot already. Here's my situation: I'm trying to write a vlookup where I know what the text in the first and last cells in my table array are, but not their cell address. I've tried to fix it by using a variable for my table array. Sub vl() Dim vl1 As Range Set...
  4. M

    VLookup Table_Array Not Playing Well for ServerPath/File Concatentation

    Hi all, I have scoured through countless posts hoping to find a solution, but I have failed. The problem seems to be that concatenate adds "" around the table_array which messes it up. My goal is to search a specified excel file for the yesterday's date. It will be in the 'E' column in the...
  5. D

    semi-variable table_array (without vba) in vlookup?

    Hi, I have a huge list looking like this (3 columns): <tbody> asset ID (A) Step (B) ID (C) 7148 03 LOOK 0 7148 01 MODEL 1 7148 04 RIG 2 7148 06 SETDRESS 3 7148 05 SHAPES 4 7148 02 TEXTURE 5 7147 03 LOOK 6 7147 01 MODEL 1007 7147 04 RIG 1008 7147 06 SETDRESS 1009...
  6. A

    Using VLOOKUP to pull info from another Worksheet - Not working!

    Hi there, I've input this formula to take data from a cell on one worksheet, and pull it into another cell on another worksheet. =VLOOKUP(R3,'[uk_beauty_browse_tree_guide._TTH_.xls]BEAUTY PRODUCTS (11.2.2016)'!$A:$B,1,FALSE) R3="Pedicure" The other worksheet Table_Array of Column A & B...
  7. P

    Change Table_array Automatically in Excel Lookup Formulas

    Hi, I am trying to improve a template that will be used by alot of people on a weekly basis, and my goal is to make it as automatic as possible. Some columns need to be updated every week by the users, currently by changing the cell reference (marked in red) in this formula...
  8. P

    Returning two values from a table array based on a value

    I'm trying to return 2 values from a table selection, based on a value i.e. if I look up the table for "Team 1" - i'd like to return Team 1 v Team 6, Team 9 v Team 1, and so on, to a Fixtures Section in a different area of my Excel Sheet. However, the look up value "Team 1" could be in column...
  9. S

    VLOOKUP Function's Table_Array Argument

    I am using the VLOOKUP function in a worksheet named REC-ISS in a workbook named EE-Cardex.xls. However, the Table Array to be referred is B22:P33 in different worksheets, in another workbook named MPR-Jun10.xls. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office"...
  10. S

    Vlookup using VBA Constants

    I want to use a VLOOKUP formula to pull data from additional workbooks. I would like to use constants/dimensions in VBA to reference the “table_array” in the formula. The pathways will always stay the same but the name will change to the date. The formula will bring back the data but I have to...

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