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    Getting Information from Two Different Columns

    Hello All, I need support in below, I have two columns with different targets (column X for Official and column Y for Stretched). What I am trying to extract that there is a cell which contains drop down list of "Official" and "Stretched" if that cell contains "Official" than the certain...
  2. A

    "Else without If" error in nested set of If Then's

    Can anyone tell me what I'm missing - can't seem to find why I'm getting a compile error "Else without If". The compiler highlights the "ElseIf" line. :confused: Appreciate any help! Ann i = 2 Do While ws_targets.Cells(i, 2) <> "" If Not...
  3. A

    Getting Pivot Chart to change yearly goals into month according to filtered team

    Hi Everyone, I have a data set of sales reps and their sales (date of sale, amount, team, etc). I also have a separate sheet which has goals for these folks for the full year. I've setup a pivot table and a line chart on the sales file that shows total sales for the year broken down by months...
  4. K

    Missing Parenthesis

    Hi, My Excel formula is returning and error that I ant seem to figure out, can anyone advise? Here I my formula: =IF($B$2="GS12UV",'X2001 WIP Targets (2)'!F3,IF($B$2="GS12CS",'X2001 WIP Targets (2)'!G3,IF($B$2="GS12C",'X2001 WIP Targets (2)'!H3,IF($B$2="GS6UV",'X2001 WIP Targets...
  5. D

    Help calculating targets for KPIs

    Hi All, Long time lurker, but could really do with some help please :) I have been tasked with calculating targets, however, they are mid-way through the year. I will summarise the data i have available and would really appreciate anyones guidance. So, we have a target of 7.88%, we are...
  6. K

    Colour to a Cell

    Is there a way to establis a cell to be coloured if certain criteria are met. For example if the varaince between the actual sales each month drops below the target sales can I colour the name of the individual that did not make the required target?

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