1. C

    Block Error without End If

    I keep getting this error when running the following code. Please help. Thanks Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If Not Intersect(Target, Range("B1")) Is Nothing Then Dim myMSG As String myString = "***Processing Customer Reports***" mystring2 = "***Complete***"...
  2. L

    Macro wont stop running

    Hey guys, any help would be fantastic. I simply want to run a macro based on a variable whenever the sheet is activated. All the individual macros below work fine when ran alone. However, when I put them into the code below, it seems they keep running or run over and over until I get an error...
  3. C

    Closing workbooks automatically

    Hi I have an interface in excel that links to many files ( around 28) and once they open users can navigate around to display information. One of the issues I have is that they all stay open and I want them to close when they click on a home button I have that links back to the main interface...
  4. S

    Someone Explain To Me What This Code is Doing?

    Hello, I am doing my best to learn and understand VBA coding, and this one particular piece of code I think I have an idea of what it is doing, but I would rather be absolutely sure so I know I understand it completely. Could someone explain what this is doing? It would be great if you could...
  5. B

    Using Worksheet_Change for two Different Target.Address (Excel 2007)

    Greetings. I have two cells that are both drop down lists referenced from a Vlookup Table. When One cell is "D11" for the "Group" and the other is "D12" for the "Campaign". When the user selects from the drop down cell what they want, I have 3 pivot tables that should change their filter based...
  6. O

    VBA - trying to change value of a cell in another sheet in a table using worksheet_change and cells.find

    Hi all, I'll outline the details of my set up in dot point form:- I have a sheet called "IAR" It has a table also called "IAR" I have a named range on this sheet called "IARcol" which references the formula "=IAR[[#All],[Job No]]" I have another sheet called "notes" It has a table called...
  7. R

    Merged cell Dilemma, lost functionality

    Hello, Dilemma: I feel like I have lost some functionality due to merged cells. For a worksheet change event I have the following: ElseIf Target.Value = "" Then ... blah blah blah For a normal cell, every time a cell is deleted (in the appropriate target zone) then it runs the code I have in...

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