1. W

    Emailing Attachments

    Currently i am manually updating my email code evertyime I cahnge the attached files I am needing to send. So i was wondering, hoc can i attache all files in a folder automatically to an email? Line 1 is an example of teh attachement code, lin two is what ai was thinkiong of but does not...
  2. E

    Pasting Values

    Hi all, I am having an issue with my macro. I have a button set up to copy data from one sheet and then paste it on another. A formula in one of the cells is pasting and changes when it gets paste, thus throwing a Ref error. I want to keep both the formatting and the value, so...
  3. C

    Chart Popup

    When user holds cursor over chart and editing pop up appears to teh right of chart. How do I turn that off? As always, your help is greatly appreciated.
  4. F

    Linking a date in an excel cell to outlook calendar

    I would like to be able to enter a date in a particular column in my worksheet, and have it put a follow up task in my outlook calendar. It would be good if the action collected teh customer name from any cell, and included it in teh reminder/appointment. Is this possible, and if so how?
  5. Trevor3007


    Hi I currently use =IF(A2>0,NOW()), which is great when A2 meets the criteria, however when A2 does not meet the criteria, A2 displays False. I would prefer that A2 was just blank if the criteria is not met rather than display False. Does any know/have the solution ? MTIA & KR Trevor3007
  6. W

    getting sheet/table name

    I know how to get the name of teh active sheet but is it possible to get the name of the table ?
  7. T

    Validate User form text box

    The code below checks for the value entered into the textbox. Private Sub Date_Change() If Not IsDate(Date.Value) Then MsgBox "Must be a date" End If End Sub The problem is whenever the user attempts to enter a date, such as 01/01/2018, as soon as 0 is...

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