1. N

    If, and, or

    Scenario: I am trying to find the best way to search one row across ten non consecutive columns to see if criteria is met. This row is one of a thousand and the columns are ten of ninety-five. My goal is: If B3="V" AND AF3="B" AND Q3-AQ3 <=|2.25| OR AH3="B" AND Q3-AS3 <=|2.25| OR AJ3="B" AND...
  2. H

    Macro that looks at a list of dates and returns the first ten rows of data for those dates?

    I am looking for a macro that will look at a data set (contained in columns A through I with the 'Date' in Column B) and copy/paste the first ten lines associated with each date into a new data set until all dates are cycled through. Suggestions?
  3. C

    Scrubbing a worksheet

    So this seems it should be simple but i cant get it. I want to remove all non alpha charectors from a spreadsheet but not the spaces, which is where i am getting issues. So if I had [ "bob's Number*1 ten." ] the results would be [ bobs number1 ten ]. Any ideas? Thanks.
  4. D

    Embedded If statements versus lookup tables

    I am trying to optimize the following and not sure how to do so. I have a list of 50 items. Let's say ten of them need to return a value based on the item in the list whereas the other 40 need to simply return a default value. For example, I have a list of vendors and need a column for the...
  5. C

    Parsing data to sheets

    What I would like to do is to read through column g and compare cell by cell to see if there is an existing worksheet in the workbook with named like it. If so copy that entire row to that worksheet and if not create a new worksheet with that name copy the 1st row of the original worksheet and...
  6. W

    New tabs based on content

    Is it possible to search thru a colum, say "E", and for each matching entry cut the entire row for each entry and paste them to a new tab. So if colum "E" had ten entires with the word "Ball" all ten rows would now be moved to a new tab called "Ball", then the same for "BAT", "Glove" etc for...
  7. B

    Nested if formula?

    I’ve got an excel file containing freight detail and I’d like to construct the following formula: <colgroup><col width="64" span="10" style="width: 48pt;"></colgroup><tbody> IF order # is between 100-199 and receiving location is one of the ten locations then - freight in IF...
  8. E

    Comparing Data in Two Columns

    I have two columns of data in Column A and B. In column A, each cell could contain one to ten e-mail addresses. In Column B, each cell could contain one to ten e-mail addresses that could be the same or different. So A1 could be as@hotmail.com, as@gmail.com, as@yahoo.com B1 could be...
  9. H

    Interdependent Drop Down Menus

    Hello Excel Experts I'm trying to set up some drop-down menus, with the first one determining what will show in the second one. The first one (and I'll use the actual cells in my sheet so I don't get confused), located in cell E15 will show a range of numbers from 1 to 10 - defaulting to 1. The...
  10. J

    Vba datepart question

    Hi, I have a query regarding DartPart and the format of the value it returns. My example is using date 01/01/2018 If I use DatePart("d", #01/01/2018#) the value is returned is 1. However, what I would like is to have the value, if less than ten, to have a proceeding zero, eg 01. How would I...
  11. S

    Prompting to save at interval

    Hello all, Is there a way to make a workbook require or remind a user to save at a set interval, say, every ten minutes? Didn't see it in options... Thanks!
  12. H

    Conditional formatting, formula for top 10 values

    For a row, range is B1:CW1. Then I would like to copy the format to the following row/s.

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