1. R

    Writing VBA macro for generating missing variable

    Hello members, I would like to write VBA macro for listing the missing variables as per below. Among candidates A, B C, D and E. I would like to list down the missing variables (Hobbies), accompanied by the candidates name. <tbody> Hobbies A B C D E Swimming Y Y Y N N Tennis N Y Y Y...
  2. R

    Whole #s as a result dividing by 3

    Hi All I want to divide a number by 3 and distribute it in whole numbers. I found examples online using a bucket and tennis balls but haven't been able to translate it. A1=22 tennis balls, and B,C,D are buckets of tennis distributed into whole numbers B1=8 C1=7 D1=7 Your help is greatly...
  3. J

    How to Transpose large data in Excel?

    Hi all-- I need help on how to transpose a large set of data which contains: year, term, student id, and sports. It gets complicated because there are some students that played multiple sports each term. Here's what the raw data looks like: <tbody> YEAR_CODE TERM_CODE ID NUM SPORTS...
  4. D

    Formula that would pick the last value in a column depending on the value in the next column

    Hi everyone! I need your help with the following issue. I need a formula that would insert into a cell the last value from the first column depending on the wording in the second column. In other words, I need a formula that would insert into one cell the value of 40 (which is the last value...
  5. R

    Scoring System

    Hi, I am trying to create a simple scoring system for sports that use a "legs" and "sets" format (e.g. tennis, darts etc.) I would like the "sets" cell to automatically update as the "legs" cell reaches the required amount of legs to win a set. After that I would like the "sets" cell to...

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