1. K

    ComboBox BackColor change on value

    I have a ComboBox that I am trying to get the BackColor to change based on a selection. There are 11 ComboBoxes on the sheet. After I have gone through all the boxes and made the selections I hit the finish button which runs the VBA code. Using ActiveX ComboBox. This is the code I tried using...
  2. M

    Data entry from excel to terminal

    Hi , Needed help in inputing data from excel to terminal ,excel contains only 10 digit numbers to be Inputted into main frame any idea please
  3. I

    Iteration for Valuation Purposes

    I was hoping that someone here could help explain to me what is exactly going on in the attached formula. It is a circular exercise where the IRR is based on the entire cash flow stream, and the capitalization rate is...the same IRR. I am really just asking for an explanation of what the IRR...
  4. D

    VBA for shared excel on Bloomberg terminal

    Hi all gurus, I currently am running a P&L - Trade position excel on my bloomberg terminal. The excel file is linked to bloomberg live quotes and ticker with real time updates to the price and current P&L. The bloomberg terminal and the rest of the computers in the office are linked via a...

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