1. S

    Cell is Blank/Null yet IF(Cell ="" , "" , "Do Something") Always Renders "Do Something"

    I'm working on a file to pass to others to fill out. There is a hidden worksheet that references filled out worksheet. I'm using OFFSET to try and minimize errors if entries are moved around the visible worksheet. I need to append text to one cell, but because the worksheet will be uploaded to...
  2. M

    Working function won't insert with VBA

    I'm trying to fill down two columns with a VLOOKUP function. The basic VLOOKUP function works, but when I try to use the TEXT function to ensure the date gets it is "looking up" is returned as m/dd/yyyy instead of a large integer, VBA won't even let me continue writing the code before it tells...
  3. Smokeyham

    If Formula with Nested "&Text"

    I have the following formula, which works fine: =IF($T$424>$X$406,"You Met Your Goal!", TEXT(($T$424-$X$406),"$0,0")) If they do not meet the test, then it portrays a figure, correctly formatted, which is what I want, except I want to have some text in front of it: “You still need to cut...

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