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    Display vlookup Data on userform

    Hi, i designed a userform for data entry using comboboxes and a textbox (blue in the image), the data selected in the white comboboxes will be multiplied by the number in the yellow comboboxes and the result to be displayed in the blue text box. everything works but the display gets nothing ...
  2. G

    Is there a limit to the amount of text boxes on a form

    with help I have created a form that updates adds scrolls through data on a spread sheet there are more than 40 textboxes and a couple of combo boxes only 11 of the text boxes show information and the first one updates to the date (todays) every time I update the information (the first text box...
  3. N

    Produce Text String from Array

    Hi, i have a table with dates on x axis and name along the top. The table is either populated with values or #N/A. For the #N/A cells Im going to have to write a code in access to retireve additional values, however as the table is quite large, 10000+ records, what I wanted to know was could...
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    Print Content in Textbox

    Hi Team, I want to fill the text box with the word "Excel" when i click the command button which i created named as Print. Below is the example form which i created: Label 1: TextBox1 Label 2: TextBox2 Print (Command Button) So if i click Print command button by placing the cursor in...
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    About Text Boxes in UserForms

    Hi Team, I have created a user form with Five text boxes and also i have a command button named as "Print". Whenever i'm clicking the command button Print, only the active text box needs to print with some content like "Hello". I was aware that in excel sheet we have to use the code...
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    One text box for two macros, with variable text

    Currently I have to separate text boxes linked to two separate macros. Text box 1 is a "Protect/Hide" macro, which sets a number of sheets to be very hidden and protects all sheets in the workbook. The code for this macro: Sub ProtectSheets() On Error Resume Next...
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    Format number in text box as typed

    I have a userform with a text box the user enters any number from 4.500 to 16.000 I want the box to format the text entered to have the 3 decimal places as its typed. How do i do this? I've tried the putting .... format (textbox1.text, ("0.000")) in the textbox1_change() but it doesnt work
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    text box to perform action when i press enter

    hi friends, i need to insert an textbox in excel and when i key some value and when i press enter key it should perform some action... i have tried with keyascii .. private sub textbox1_keypress(keyascii as integer) if keyascii=13 then msgbox"text1.text" end if end sub
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    Userform Textbox Contents Output to Formula

    I'll try and make this as clear as possible, please feel free to check for clarity though. Basically i'm building a tool that will allow users to establish the distance between two postal codes. It works on a very simple basis, simply entering the two postcodes into a hyperlink at the...

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