text color

  1. I

    Why text color change when double click.

    Using "move and copy" option with excel, I copied one worksheet and saved as another workbook. But the copied file text in cell change the color. But when I double click the cell, the color change to the correct one. I really confuse how to fix this...experts please help. Before double click...
  2. I

    Copy sheet to workbook the text color in a cell dont follow.

    Hello All...I got successfull vba code to copy the worksheet to different workbook. In one worksheet cell have text with color (Title is orange, Status is blue, Plan is black). But when I check the saved copy, the Title text color change to blue...the rest of texts are correct. The funny...
  3. CodeSkittle

    VBA Macro Xlookup Function Based on Text/Font Color

    Heya I don't know much of anything about VBA or coding or whatnot so please forgive any ignorance I may have but if someone could create a macro for me that would be amazing! So I have an excel spreadsheet where I keep track of various entertainment I enjoy and in particular shows and any...
  4. G

    Formating a sheet for hour input, with different text color depending on height of input

    Hi there, First of sorry for my poor English. Am no native speaking and writing person. Thx in advance for any assistance. I am forced to make this in Excel 2007, so it has to work in that. I have to adjust a sheet that is used to store the expected hours on a project. People fill in their...
  5. E

    Adding multiple colors to text in multiple cells

    Hello, I'm looking for some help on adding text color to a column of text but with a unique twist to it. Below is a screen shot of the data i'm working with. The first row is how I want all the rows to look like when complete. I used the formula Concatenate to combine the columns together but...
  6. andrewb90

    CF highlighting ignoring CF text color

    Hello all, I have this code which has worked wonderfully for me to highlight lines on my sheet: Option ExplicitConst MyAreas = "B6:M23,B25:M42,B44:M61,B63:M80,B82:M109,B111:M124,H126:M131" Dim a, MyCol As Collection, rng As Range, x As Range ' Highlighting with Conditional Formatting...
  7. C

    Change the Conditional Format Color of a Text Field Using a Button

    On a form, a text field has the three color conditions allowed in the Conditional Formatting dialog box. OBJECTIVE: I need a button to change the color of the text field from one of the three to a new color condition (grey). RESEARCH: In my research I have found a delete condition (I...
  8. M

    Change text color when data is entered

    I'm trying to make it easier to keep track of data that I've entered in my end-of-month budgeting spreadsheet. Column A is the date, Column B is a description, Column C is a dollar amount. Columns D through R are budget categories. When I copy the dollar amount from Column C into the...
  9. G

    Changing Text Format with Formula or Conditional Formatting with multiple values

    Hello all! To give you an idea of what I am trying to do, let me break down what I have... I currently have a workbook with multiple spreadsheets used to track requests received, and follow them throughout their life... sort of a "help desk" type of tracker, where we assign a ticket number and...
  10. A

    RGB values Macro

    Hello All, I have been scouring the boards for a solution to my problem and I have found a similar problem and solution but it is does not work with my specific case/workbook. I have a program created in XNA .net framework which will take an image and break it down into individual pixel RGB...
  11. N

    Macro for Text and Cell Color Matching

    Okay, so here's the situation: I am looking for a macro to examine the first 10,000 rows of a worksheet. Typically there is text in each row out to the 25th column. I need a macro to determine that if a cell is filled with a color AND if the text color in that cell is white, then the text...
  12. B

    IF Function Help using Color

    I am looking for a way to write an =IF function that if the result is true then the text will show up green and if the result is False then the text is Red... Is there any way to do this without using VBA?

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