text editing

  1. E

    Text Editing VBA

    Dear community, I am pretty new to the world of VBA! I am currently working on an assignment and I would like to produce a regular report out of my analysis so that I can keep tracks of the changes. I would only like the report to look natural instead of being ckearly generated by a computer...
  2. C

    Formula(s) Causing Excel to Crash Cannot Debug

    Hello, I'm attempting to organizing an extraction file that was originally a tab delineated table (from AutoCAD ATTOUT). I copy this table to a sheet preset in my workbook (ATTOUT). I have three formulas: one that lists the symbols (column A), the other returns the quantity(ies) associated with...
  3. J

    Auto Format Date w/ Superscript Foornote

    Hi Everyone! So I am trying to have a date that has a corresponding footnote come together within the same cell, both are currently in their own columns. The outlook would be something like "12/31/2012 (1)" where the (1) would be in superscript. I know that I can do this manually by going into...
  4. B

    Make set length of text value?

    I have a userform that shows the results of many values in 20 text strings such as: textlabel1= "firstname1 & " " & lastname1 & " " & housenumber1 & " " & street name1" textlabel2= "firstname2 & " " & lastname2 & " " & housenumber2 & " " & street name2" I want to set the text lengths of ...
  5. M

    Text in cells - how to break it up into X # of characters

    Good morning, I am currently workin with Excel 07 on windows XP Professional and i ran into an issue a couple of days back on a spreadsheet that contains mainly text responses inside of the cells. I am trying to create a subroutine that recognizes the cells that exceed an X number of...
  6. badinvestor

    Delete Text from String

    Hi all, I have what I think is a simple question but can't quite get it. I have the following table and 700+ rows, what I'm looking to do is either by macro or formula find a way to remove all the chars ACDRUVQ from col E and have remaining char(s) put into col F. I have tried a combo of =MID...
  7. V

    I'm new and need some help with some cell editing in vba

    Hi guys, I'm new to the world of VBA, and although im getting through OKish, im stuck on some things. The first thing is deleting a word in a cell that contains a sub-word, so for example, if we have cells like: 1000.2, old_version12_0 1800.4, new_version19_30 10050.2, new_version102_0 100.4...
  8. N

    Last text word to be manipulated

    Having now worked, unsuccessfully, for the last 4 hours on a formula, I am wondering whether anyone can now help. In cell A1 we need to check for the word "DECK" as the 1st four characters, if this is TRUE then we MAY need to amend it in cell A4. If it says DECK 1, DECK 2, DECK 3 and so on to...
  9. D

    Inserting defined name in text string

    I have defined a name range of LoanAmount =E389 which currently is a value of $9,028,000 in a section of my worksheet. I am also writing a summary paragraph of the deal overview at the top of my worksheet as a text narrative but want to insert the definition LoanAmount in the body of the text...

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