text to date conversion

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    Formula for lookup, sum if and date range

    I am looking for someone who is proficient in formulas to help me out. I am trying to match a date range and total sums if the row falls between the date range. I want to do this as a formula, not a macro. My file has three worksheets. In worksheet 'PT', column E (Line Description) lists the...
  2. C

    Text Time string to usable date.

    I use a program that totals equipment downtime and outputs the total downtime in the following format as text: 11h 14m 50s 1m 02s 39s Is there a way to turn this into an excel time format? Thanks!
  3. M

    Text Date format conversion

    I'm having problems with some date formats on a spreadsheet which I'm hoping you can help with. This spreadsheet is our company orderbook which is pulled from a central database and for some reason some of the dates come out as text format. I have a macro which formats the spreadsheet so that it...
  4. G

    text to date

    Hi All, I am extracting data from Ms-acess to Vba form on spreadsheet control. the spreadsheet shows date column in two formats, as -'dd/mm/yyyy (followed by (')) and mm/dd/yyyy. i have tried to change the format of date filed but it is not effective for 'dd/mm/yyyy formating and mm/dd/yyyy...

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