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    Return text value based on matching criteria including date range

    Hi Everybody, I am trying to get a formula to return a text value based on a couple inputs. Where I am running into trouble is that one of the inputs wouldn't be a match, but would be a date between a start/end date within the range it is looking at. Does anybody have any ideas on how I could...
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    Return a list of text values without blank cells from a column

    I have 6 columns: A=code, B=color (drop down list), C=checked(1) - only "+", D=checked(2) - only "+", E=A and B, F=show E, which checked(1) only. It looks like this: A B C D E F 123 black...
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    calculate the most common text values by groups

    Hello! I want to calculate the most common text value for groups. I have a table with a lot of records like an example below. ID Code 1 HB 1 KU 1 KS 1 LV 1 KS 2 LM 2 KS 2 KS 2 LV 2 KS 3 KS 3 KS 3 KS 3 KS 3 KU 3 KS 3 LM 3 LV 3 KS I...
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    Index query

    I have the following formula that is returning VALUE! {=INDEX($E$11:$F$11104,$E$6,MATCH(1,($D$11:$D$11104>=$D$6)*($D$11:$D$11104<=$D$8),1))} Columns E & F are populated with surnames, E6 is the surname that is being identified (counted), column D are the Date values, i.e. Fri-17-Feb-12, D6 is...
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    Pivot table - text in values area

    From the research I've done, it seems that pivot tables do not support text in the values area, period. **** this is frustrating! :eeek: Quite a bit of work has gone into aggregating this data, and it's so close, but the text fields are showing 0. Have a look. Double-clicking on cell C5 (sheet...
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    Conditional formatting based on multiple cell criteria

    I've been going at this for days...and I still can't get it right. I'm trying to use conditional formatting so that: Condition 1: When A11 = PM&R 150 Days and D11 is < or = 150 OR When A11 = MLF 240 Days and D11 is < or = 240 The cell turns GREEN Condition 2: When A11 = PM&R 150 Days and...
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    adding values to text to create percentages

    This spreadsheet seemed simple at the outset and yet I am having a really tough time with it. I need to create a column which has one of three possible text values in its cells: yes, no, or n/a. What I need to do is assign values to the yes, no or n/a so that I can get the total percentage...

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