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    Hi guys i have created a userform the program is running successfully but the issue is in one text box sometimes i need to enter lot of data like points for example 1) Is the request to ADD or UPDATE an SSI? - ADD 2) Is there a valid Acronym / Access code on account - Yes 3) Is there a valid...
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    run-time error 91 object variable or with block variable not set

    I am trying to get the userform to search column B depending on the user input in a text box and then populate text boxes in another userfrom from the cells found in the excel row. the code i have is: Private Sub Printer_Find_Click() Dim ws As Worksheet Dim rng As Range ' possibly...
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    run-time error 438 object does not support this property or method

    I have been getting this error: "run-time error 438 object does not support this property or method " when trying to get a click button to search a spread sheet find a value from the entered text box and then read the cells and input them into text boxes in another userform. this is the code i...
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    Textbox to search Worksheet

    Hi i am trying to get a text box to search a worksheet and read the information in that row and input it to other text boxes. at this time all i need to get working is to read the text box and search on the worksheet. so far i have: Range("B1").Find(Columns("b")(Find_Printer.Text, , , xlWhole...
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    How can I keep selected a textbox every time I open the UserForm ?

    Hello guys. I have 1 UserForm with 2 TextBoxs and 1 CommandButton. The CommandButton hides the UserForm. Every time I open the UserForm I would like to have textbox1 activated (I mean ready for typing in). The problem is that it happens the first time only because when I use CommandButton on...

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