textbox formatting

  1. C

    Textbox Formatting Issue

    Hi all, Having an issue with the below code. It works fine except with numbers starting with less than 12 for some reason. For context, it is meant to change a string of numbers entered in a UserForm Textbox into "account format" eg, 123456789012300 would become 012-3456-7890123-00 (I have it...
  2. P

    Mass Userform Textbox formatting as number via AfterUpdate()

    Hello, I have a userform with a bunch textboxes. I would like to format most of them as numbers with no decimals. The group of textboxes I would like formatted in this manner are consecutively numbered. I have the below code, which works, however, it is extremely cumbersome given the number...
  3. R

    Restricting TextBox Numeric Range

    Hi Everyone, I have TextBox1 in a userform. When somebody opens up the userform the textbox is prepopulated with a number already in it (.31), however I did leave the option for the user to change this number if needed. The reason why there's a decimal because when the number is submitted on...
  4. J

    VBA Code to format userform textbox without naming the textbox?

    Hello, I've created a data input userform (really, a series of userforms) in which end users will input data, many of which are dollar values, sometimes as a high as the tens of millions of dollars. Most users of the form will input the value of $10,432,765 as "10432765", which for me, is...
  5. D


    Hi guys i have created a userform the program is running successfully but the issue is in one text box sometimes i need to enter lot of data like points for example 1) Is the request to ADD or UPDATE an SSI? - ADD 2) Is there a valid Acronym / Access code on account - Yes 3) Is there a valid...
  6. K

    vba userform textbox formatting

    How can I maintain decimals in a textbox but only display in this format: "#,###"? For example, the user inputs a cost estimate of 1,300 for the year so the Jan - Dec text-boxes are populated with 108 but the real number is 108.3333 but when I have the textbox save the data back in the...
  7. D

    Exporting UserForm Textbox input in numeric or currency format with VBA in Excel 2010

    Hi I hope some one can help me with this problem. I have created a user form to log sales records in to an excel spreadsheet. The form I have created will copy keyed informtion in to the next available row on a worksheet using the follwoing code. Private Sub cmdExport_Click()...
  8. C

    Combobox Search + Multiply amount with Value from cell on worksheet

    Hi there I have dabbled a bit with VBA in excel but im not an expert, I have designed a form with the following: From, Destination, Product, Quantity, Carton Quantity, Costing road, Costing Air I have been able to link the combobox's to the cells on the worksheet (data). 1. Need to calculate...
  9. B

    Userform Data Validation

    I need the text box in the userform to accept only alphabet letters. This is the code I have so far but it only accepts 2 letters. Also, the message box telling the user to only enter letters pops up when the userform is initialized and after the text is inputted. How do I fix this? Private Sub...

    Help with TextBox date Formatting

    Hi Forum. I am really struggling with the date formatting of a textbox on a userform playing silly sods when transferring the data to a cell... I need a dd/mm/yyyy format, however If I run the user form and add a date of 01/05/2014 to the textbox it applies to the cell as 05/01/2014, however...
  11. A

    Value of Numerous TextBoxes using Loop

    Hi! This is my first post, so I hope someone can help a newbie like me:) I have a simple userform with over 50 textboxes, named TextBox1, TextBox2, TextBox3 etc.....50. I want the values (as string) of these textboxes back into my excel sheet. Is there a way of using loops instead of...
  12. 03856me

    Problem with formatting in Userform TOTAL textbox

    I have a userform that totals two input boxes which are formatting with no problem to include the commas. I have searched your site for help with this and could only find formatting of individual textboxes and not one that is totaled. Example of problem: 1,000,000 value of txt_hem 2,000,000...
  13. B

    Blinking Text on Userform

    I have a user form that has a text box that displays either OK or BAD based on a cell value on a sheet named "FORM-DATA. I have put code in to change the color of the font based on the value, but I woudl like to make the text flash if it says "BAD". I have searched all the threads i can...
  14. F

    Userform help (textbox format & call object)

    Hello, I have designed a userform and I have two problems which I don't know how to fix. 1) How do I call an object from another userform? My workbook has two userforms, what I want to do is from userform2 call a combobox in userform1 (which iniciates several procedures). I am able to call the...
  15. E

    make sure textbox has specific text in it?

    uerform1 with textbox1 in it is for scanning ISBN #s. there are 2 types of ISBNs, a 10 digit and a 13 digit. the 10 digit sometimes contains letters and sometimes has a 0 as the first digit in the number. my cells and my macro are designed to enter values as numeric. so if applicable, the 0 gets...
  16. D

    Textbox number formatting

    How to format a Textbox such that if I enter, 1000, it will display 1,000? And if I enter 10000, it will display 10,000. Or, 100000, it will display 100,000.

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