textbox grab row select

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    Userforms - Inconsistent Transfer from Cell Reference to TextBox

    (Excel 2010 - 32 Bit on Windows 7 Enterprise) Hello, I ask for your assistance with transferring data between an Excel Sheet and a userform. The userform is intended to both capture (write to an Excel sheet) and retrieve (from the same Excel sheet). My problem is that, when I debug the code...
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    Textbox to search Worksheet

    Hi i am trying to get a text box to search a worksheet and read the information in that row and input it to other text boxes. at this time all i need to get working is to read the text box and search on the worksheet. so far i have: Range("B1").Find(Columns("b")(Find_Printer.Text, , , xlWhole...
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    grab textbox value

    Hi, Apologies i am quite inexperianced with VB and mainly use this forum to put together my code. I have created a userform with a text box and command button. I want the user to be able to enter a row number (say 10) in the text box and when the click the command button the rows between 2...

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