textbox save to cell

  1. Loin75

    Populate cells from Macro Textbox

    Hi, I have searched everywhere for what I think is very simple, but cannot find what I need. Stage 1. I have created a userform that simply has 4 textboxes on it. I would like the contents of the textboxes to populate a table in the worksheet. Stage 2. If the macro (userform) is used...
  2. M

    userform, 2 comboboxes and a textbox

    Hi, I am struggling with a combobox on a userform. I need 2 cascading comboboxes and a textbox. Obviously the data in combobox 2 is dependent upon the choice made in combobox 1. Then the user can type anything in the textbox. But, depending on the choice made in combobox2 - the text/value in...
  3. J

    Copy textbox text to cell

    I have searched high and low for the correct macro but have not found out how to do yet. I have multiple surveys created in excel using textboxes. I am trying to create a summary datasheet by respondent. I know how to copy from a cell to my new sheet but can't figure out how to copy the text...
  4. B

    How to save the text of a textbox to a cell

    Hi everybody, I need some help with the following. I have an excel sheet with some buttons and some methods attached to it, everything works fine. The first worksheet of my excel file is some sort of user interface, it contains among other thins a textbox which I labeled as: 'TextBox' Next...

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