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    VBA add new sheet to End of Workbook

    Hi all, I have a question Here is the code to add a new sheet having the name of a textbox.value from a userform Sheets.Add After:=Sheets(Sheets.Count) Sheets.Add.Name = textbox.value I would like to know why when the code is activated, the macro creates 2 sheets, the 1st rename with the...
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    If Textbox.value ="", Then Go to next line of code, if not do this

    Hello, I am attempting to run code in a user form that determines the difference between two dates (in two text boxes) and place that number in a third textbox. I am doing this for a large number of textboxes on the form. I want the code to check if either of the two date text boxes is blank...
  3. A

    Excel 2016: Excel VBA, Copy Userform Textbox.value to a new text file

    Hi All Can someone tell me how to copy a Userform Textbox.value to a new text file using VBA? I would like to save the new text file to the current directory Any pointers welcome!
  4. B

    Manipulating Text Box Values

    Hello All, I have created 14 Textboxes in a Userform. I would like to make it so that the numbers that a user enters into these text boxes must equal 100 (like 100%). However, the user is not required to fill out all 14 Textboxes. They may or may not fill out all Textboxes, but no matter...
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    strange run time error 13 - type mismatch - textbox.value issue

    Userform has textboxes for input / output, as well as combobox1 & 2 to load data into form and sheet in background. I have been trying to program it so that the user can simply change the text box prices and costs, and it updates on the fly. It works perfectly with only with one input textbox...

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