1. R

    Excel String Comparison Macro

    hi, <colgroup><col span="2"><col><col span="2"><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Charge Currency Collector Correct Data XNG BRL LIBRAN10 XNG BRL LIBRAN8 XNG USD LIBRAN10 THD BRL LIBRAN10 XNG BRL LIBRAN7 THD USD LIBRAN7 XNG BRL LIBRAN8 DDF BRL LIBRAN10 THD BRL LIBRAN10 THD BRL...
  2. S

    Delete rows with reference

    Hi, I have a data consists of 3 column as given below <tbody> A B C 10252554 SEA C 10252554 LSF MC 10252554 DGP MC 10252554 BOO MC 10252554 TSD BTO 10252554 THD BTO 10252548 SEA P 10252548 LSF MC 10252548 DGP MC 10252548 BOO MC 10252548 TSD BTO 10252548 THD BTO...

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