thousand separator

  1. E

    Keeping the thousand separator when thousands

    Hi there, I need to display numbers in thousands and to two decimal places. So for example 6,789,782 as 6,789.78 I have used the custom number formatting 0.00, which returns 6789.78. If I then format the cell as a number to add back the comma thousand separator, the whole number comes back...
  2. HarrysPrinters

    Thousand Separator

    I have data which needs to be formatted with a thousand separator as below. 400.00 1,000.00 250,000.00 how can I do this without it displaying as below ,400.00 I do not want it reflected in the case of hundreds. Many thanks
  3. J

    Japanese currency custom format

    Hi, I would like to set the format of a cell to the Japanese currency format. This means that the comma separator occurs at 4-digit interval instead of 3 (ten-thousand separator instead of thousand separator) like this: 1,000 -> 1000 10,000 -> 1,0000 1,000,000 ->100,0000 1,000,000,000 ->...

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