1. A

    Inserting value from cell in another cell within quotes

    Hi all, I have a question that may be very basic, but I'm stumped. I have a list of thousands of values (CUSIP data), and I need the information in these cells for another formula. For example, cell A2 could be 99934U0F2, and I need that information to go into another formula in cell B2...
  2. J

    Preceding Zeroes

    Hi All: I have a weekly file that spits out numbers stored as text. It breaks out the hundreds and thousands amounts in different cells. In thousands cell:205 In hundreds cell:87 = 205,087 I currently use a concatenate formula to combine these two numbers and have to...
  3. L

    How many names

    Could I trouble you for a formula to count the number of words in a cell. These are actually names so in an example of Stephen Thomas Smith the answer is 3. Such a simple question but I have thousands of rows that I need to review. As ever my sincere thanks
  4. N

    Extract data from right between ()

    I've been trying to pull apart a string into it's parts. I've sorted out some of it, but the last little bit is driving me crazy. Example CTH KGB01 3.171 (07) (SH) (Scooby Doo) I need to pull out the Scooby Doo part, and do it for thousands of different lines. The (SH) is not always there, so...
  5. A

    Decomposing a number in expanded form

    I want to Randomly generate a number from thousand to hundred thousand, and then decomposed it. Example, input in cell A1: 234,789 Output in cell B1: 2 hundred thousands + 3 ten thousands + 4 thousands + 7 hundreds + 8 tens + 9 ones Another example input in cell A1: 207,089 and output in...
  6. P

    Formatting Data from One to To Format on Another

    Hi, I have a worksheet with columns in order I need data. On a second tab I have data that I want to convert to the same order as the first tab. I had an hlookup funtion that worked but when trying to do this for thousands of rows it would not finish. Is there a more efficient way to do this...
  7. J

    Getting #N/A on a sumif formula!

    I do sumifs ALL the time. I used NAMED RANGES, all the time. Today, when i enter <tbody> =SUMIF(OnZats,"Y",DutyifPaid) </tbody> and <tbody> =SUMIF(OnZats,"N",DutyifPaid) </tbody> i get $0 for the first one and i get #N/A for the second! I copied all the data to a new sheet and is...
  8. B

    Combine 2 different number cells with thousands separator

    Hello, I want to combine 2 cells with numbers and keep the thousands separator. A1 = 1.500 B1 = 3.000 Result in C1 with =A1&" - "&B1: 1500 - 3000 I want the result look like this 1.500 - 3.000 Is this possible? Thank you.
  9. R

    Formatting multiple Textboxes in UserForm

    Hi all, I have a userform with 50 textboxes (textbox1, textbox2, etc) I want to format all of them so that way after the user types in a number, the number formats to the thousands, Like if they type 1000, it’ll show 1,000 on the userform. How can I do this efficiently so I don’t have to go...
  10. J

    Reversing the decimal separator auto date recognition function?

    Does someone here have a VBA script that reverses the date transforms? That is, when Excel sees stuff like 11.84, it says that "yippee, this is a date and I couldn't care less whether you think otherwise -> Nov.84 that is and you as a user can shove your ideas of numbers to where the sun doesn't...
  11. F

    Custom format number to thousands

    How do I custom format a number into thousands. Data Range <tbody> P Q 9 25068 25 k 10 25568 25.5 k </tbody> Using 0.0" k" I just get Data Range <tbody> P Q 9 25068 25068.0 k 10 25568 25568.0 k </tbody>
  12. C

    Is it possible to move one row to multiple columns?

    Hi, I've been trying to get a solution for what I thought would be simple. I have a very large flat text file of thousands of records. It's all in a single linear format with line breaks for each line of data. The data is grouped in thousands of groups in exactly the same way. I'm trying to...
  13. S

    Convert Millions number in Excel to Thousands

    Hi, Is there a formula that can help me convert my raw data which is in millions into thousands? I would like to have some sort of formula if possible rather than changing my cell formatting. <colgroup><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Original Data What Formatt I need...
  14. C

    Dash instead of zeros, still display by thousands

    Hello, I need to keep my numbers in thousands (ie. 456,798 as 456.798 or 7,000 as 7). In addition I need to have all cells that equal zero be displayed as dashes "-". How do I format my cells? Thanks!
  15. E

    Keeping the thousand separator when thousands

    Hi there, I need to display numbers in thousands and to two decimal places. So for example 6,789,782 as 6,789.78 I have used the custom number formatting 0.00, which returns 6789.78. If I then format the cell as a number to add back the comma thousand separator, the whole number comes back...
  16. S

    Need To Lock Cell Range Based On Cell Value

    Hi, I am hoping someone can help me otherwise I may cry, I have a spreadsheet that has number between 1-20 entered in every cell in column B all the way down to row 15,000 I need to program something in VBA that will look at each number and then lock a certain range in that row based on that...
  17. L

    Excel to PDF printing problem.

    I have an excel spreadsheet which is 2 pages long by 1 page wide. I have used the margin tools and the fit to 2 x 1 page tools to make it fit as I need it. When I print to a conventional printer it comes out fine, However when i print to a PDF writer (Roynasoft PDF Printer) each excel cell (for...
  18. L

    Printing Excel Sheet to PDF File Problem.

    I have an excel spreadsheet which spans 2 A4 shets when printed via a normal printer. But if i try to print the same sheet to a pdf file (using roynasoft pdf writer), each cell is printed to a seperate sheet, producing tens of thousands of pages. The spreadsheet has been tweaked to fit on 2...

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