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    From Excel to Outlook: how to do the link especially with files such as PDF

    In my company we always have to attach 3 PDF files when it comes to sending an e-mail (by Outlook) to a client regarding a product. Sometimes when we speak about several products, we have to send even more PDF files. Hopefully some files are redundant because they are "family" of products but...
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    Tickbox and highlight cells

    Hi, I'm trying to create an excel sheet where if I check the tick box to show it's been paid, it would highlight all the cells in the row once ticked; so once that box is checked, everything turns red rather than having to select all the cells and change the colour manually. Many thanks in...
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    Check box - multiple cells

    I have hacked together the following code from various forum posts that does sort of what I want. In a nutshell, I would like code for multiple check boxes in a spreadsheet that may or may not be adjacent to each other. The checkbox must display a check mark (tick) from Wingdings (must be from...
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    List boxes+tick boxes problem

    Hi all, I'm looking to create a system where a user selects a tick box and three cells on the same row as the tick box are copied to a list box (or suitable alternative) which is on a separate sheet. When the tick box is deselected, the entry should be removed from the list box. Is this...
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    Make dates change to next 3 months when payment is paid.

    I have a list of dates when people need to pay on excel and I have a tick box to tick when they have paid. Then I want the date to change to the next payment date (3 months on) and the tick box to untick itself. This seems quite complcated but I need to do this. eg: heres the list of dates...

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