time range

  1. D

    AVERAGEIFS with time as criteria

    I’m trying to get an average of data in column C based on the corresponding time range in column A. The input in columm A is time. So for example, say I want the average between 09:00:00 and 09:30:01. In Column N2 and NO I put those 2 times respectively. The formula I made was the following...
  2. ibmy

    SUM if previous row are 30 seconds range

    Hi, BCD130SecSum BExpected...
  3. V

    Conditional Formatting: Having trouble with time calculations

    Hi Folks, Excel novice. I have always had a problem with time calculations. I know that nested conditional statements are required to meet my desired goal. Your patience is appreciated. The conditions Values Required within 30 days of Start Date Values Required within 30 days of Midpoint...
  4. J

    Auto Merge Cell by Time Range

    <tbody> A B C 1 MON TUES 2 12:00 PM 3 12:30 PM 12:30 PM - 3:00 PM ALEX 12:30 PM - 3:00 PM ALEX 4 1:00 PM 5 1:30 PM 6 2:00 PM 7 2:30 PM 8 3:00 PM 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM JAKE 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM JAKE 9 3:30 PM 10 4:00 PM </tbody> The above chart is currently...
  5. D

    Calculating Area Under a Curve

    Hi guys, I am trying to calculate the area under the curve on my Power-Time graph so that I can determine the energy. Would anyone have an idea of how I can calculate the area under the curve? The solution would also have to ignore cells with #N/A. Would I also be able to choose a specific...
  6. R

    IF Logical Test for Time Range In Cell

    Hello - I have 2 cells: A1 is the time(text format) FROM 02:00:01 to 26:00:00. B1 should show "LF" IF A1 is between 24:00:01 & 26:00:00, or show "PT" if A1 is between 1 9:00:01 & 24:00:00,or show "EF" if A1 is between 16:00:01 & 19:00:00, or show "DT" if A1 is between 2:00:01 & 16:00:00...
  7. RobOttman

    VBA: Return Row number of a time range based on value in another cell

    I have been searching all day for answers and have made zero progress. I hope that you can help me! I have one worksheet ("Schedule") and in column L there is the StartTime for all of our classes. On another worksheet("Times") I have a list of the standard start times for class periods. What...
  8. M


    I'm an inexperienced Excel user and I have a very large set of data with the first column being the time of each entry. I know that to filter out a specific time range, I can use the Filter function. However, I have a large number of different time ranges to filter out. I would like to write a...
  9. L

    Time range

    I'm trying to make a cell automatically return what the current shift is, for example if it is between 7:00 am and 3:00 pm return 1st shift, between 3:00 pm and 11:00 pm 2nd shift and 11:00 pm to 7:00 am 3rd shift. All I want to see in the cell is 1st, 2nd or 3rd shift when it is within their...
  10. Prevost

    checking to see if cell time value is in range

    Hi There. I have a large column of cells that contain a time value (just the time in HH:MM) and I would like to delete all the cell rows that are not in the time range from 8:00AM to 5:00PM. I am struggling with checking time values through VBA and checking to see if the time falls in a certain...
  11. G

    Calculating Start/End time between nigh shifts 24h

    Hello everyone, Please, can any of you help with following problem that I have. Problem goes like this: We have a person who work in 24/7 support. One person work passive 24 hour, but it 24 hours are divided in to next shifts: normal 06-18, over hours 18-22, night hours 22-06. So if we have...
  12. E

    Formula to put specific hour within a set time range

    Good afternoon. I hope everyone is having an awesome day. :) I would like to ask a question please. I have a sheet that shows the time customers call. I need to put different hours into a specific time range. Thus I have set up the following table: <tbody> Start Time End Time Range 9:01...
  13. J

    Removing duplicates within time range

    Hello, I am using Excel 2007 on Windows 7. I would like to remove duplicates as follows: If column A = column A, column B = column B, and the two rows are within one hour of each other, then remove all duplicates, leaving one instance of the row. As you can see, sometimes the duplicates are...
  14. T

    Return excact data if between 2 time stamps

    Hi. I'm not sure of what formula will get the desired results, but here is what I'm trying to accomplish. I have a data table where column A lists "names", column B lists "items purchased" and column C lists "time purchased". I am trying to use a formula to show all information where items were...
  15. S

    Creating Histogram from Column of Date/Times

    Hello all! I hope this isn't one of those forever re-posted questions, but I have spent a couple of days looking over the archives on this site, as well as experimenting with Excel 2007, and am coming up a bit short. Simply put, I would like to take a column of date/time strings, for example...
  16. H

    Lookup the closest match

    Hello There, I have come up with a real big problem. Initially i took help from Bob Umlas author of the books "it isnt excel its magic", and he has provided me with a really good solution. But the solution persists for fewer data only. whenever i am trying to apply it in a large table then a...

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