time ranges

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    count of time ranges in other time ranges

    Hi guys, I'm struggling with formula, which will count the number of operations "name" did simultaneously, even partially. I'd like to have a 1 or 0 information in new column (1 = the time interval exist, even partially, anywhere else). Data looks like this: <tbody> name start end Mark...
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    Count total occurrence of time in a series of time ranges: Urgent Help Please?

    Hi, please i have three columns Data is arranged as follows Arrival Time Start Finish Count 13:23 14:24 19:50 13:23 14:24 19:50 13:24 13:05 17:20 13:25 12:12 22:22 : : : : 13:22 Column A has 1440 arrival times to represent 1440 minutes in...
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    Time Range Count

    I have a spread sheet that lists the date and time of an event in the separate cell (mm/dd/yy h:mm). I need to find a way to count the simultaneous calls. Then it will output the maximum number of simultaneous calls based from given data regardless of number of row . So for this example I...
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    Most frequent time ranges or periods

    Hi. I'm working with times. My data is all in 1 column A between A2:310 . and am looking for outputs like this in the current empty cells between F9 thru H13: <tbody> Mode1 Mode2 Mode3 Most frequent 60min period (F9) Most frequent 30min period Most frequent...
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    VLOOKUP - Match Day and Time To return value from table

    Hi all! I have a workbook with 2 sheets. Sheet1 has: Day of the week Created time Number Sheet2 has: A table with all days of the week like this, with starting time of 0:00 to 23:00 in 1 hour increments( 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, etc..)...
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    Calculating Start/End time between nigh shifts 24h

    Hello everyone, Please, can any of you help with following problem that I have. Problem goes like this: We have a person who work in 24/7 support. One person work passive 24 hour, but it 24 hours are divided in to next shifts: normal 06-18, over hours 18-22, night hours 22-06. So if we have...
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    Vlookup within a time range

    Hi, I am new here although I have used it the forum as a guest a few times. I have a problem and am not sure it is possible but if I am just not good enough. On sheet 1 I have data in chronological order wit start and end date and time. On sheet 2 I have other information by date and...

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