time splitting

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    Split from and to time into fractions

    Hi, When having to and from time, typically when working shift, the working hours per hour is what I am looking for. Fromdate Todate 07.03.2011 00:00 07.03.2011 07:00 08.03.2011 12:00 09.03.2011 00:00 07.03.2011 22:30 08.03.2011 07:00 09.03.2011 00:00 10.03.2011 00:00 10.03.2011 00:00...
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    How split time in other columns

    I trying to split time that is in one cell into multiple so that I can then you formulas to get the information that I want. (sumif, countif, etc) In the cell I have them for example 9:30:04 AM . I want to split it other cells just to 30 in one cell. I the next cell :04. I tried use the...

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