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    Looking for a formula for time

    I want to make a timecard calculator that tells you what time you need to clock out so an employee does not work over 40 hours in a week. Also the timecard displays time in a 100 minute clock. (Example) Employee worked 32.68 hours by Thursday, start time on Friday is 8:00am, lunch out is...
  2. B

    Timecard Help

    I am working on a timecard worksheet that calculates the time worked between the start time and end time. I can get it to calculate and round to the nearest quarter hour, but I also want it to max out the regular hours at 12.25 hours than its OT. This is what I have so far that I'm using and...
  3. T

    Identifying Timecard Overlaps

    Hello, thank you in advance for any replies. I am trying to piggyback off an older thread here to develop a spreadsheet formula tool to identify timecard overlaps. https://www.mrexcel.com/forum/excel-questions/709968-calculate-amount-overlapping-time.html#post4932454 I can provide a google...
  4. W

    Automated Timecard Calculations - Not adjusting RT and OT

    The formulas I have in the sheet were working great, until I worked a day with less than 8 hours. The timecard is not correctly totaling the RT and the OT. I tried changing the formula to take from the total in Column F, which it didnt like because it created a circular logic. Any suggestions...
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    Automated Timecard Calculations

    I have a timecard I have created that I am having some trouble with 1 particular formula. Our state law on OT is over 40, not over 8 and our employer allows us to work more one day to make up hours another day. So I can't use some of the formulas I have seen out there. What I need it to do is...
  6. S

    Timecard tracking and pivot tables

    What I need is relatively simple, or so I thought. I have employee names in one column and across the top are the dates of the week and hours are put under each employee for each day. A calculation is at the end calculating the total hours and then the summary has their rate multiplied for the...
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    Enter two values solve for third

    Good Day, I'm trying to design a timecard worksheet which will allow me to enter in two of the following pieces of information and then automatically solve for the remaining value. Shift start Time worked Shift end Anyway I could do this without a macro? Thanks!
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    Whats wrong with my formula?

    I cant for the life of my figure out why my formula won't recognize my 40:00 hours. I am trying to have it add up my timecard and put the regular hours in one cell and the overtime hours in another cell. I almost have it except for in the normal hour cell it wont recognize the 40:00 hours and it...

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