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    Switching between Workbooks within two different macros

    I have a macro that opens a few spreadsheets which pull in data from Bloomberg which takes a few seconds. After the formulas are updated I have a second macro that I want to paste over the data as values. However when I try to activate the name of the workbook in the second macro I get the...
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    VBA-macro to open two files & transfer data (both file 1 & 2 change names each week)-need help! :-)

    Hi, I'm currently trying to write a macro to open two files and copy data from "previous" to "current". The naming convention of the files changes each week. For example, "previous" is named AR Aging 09_03_14.xls and "current" is named AR Aging 09_08_14.xls. Each time the updating process...
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    would like shortcut to jump back and forth between worksheets

    on a Mac... and want to be able to shift back and forth between two worksheets... the control uppage does not work.. I can right shift and see the list but I want to go back and forth between where I am and the last worksheet I was on like a toggle. How would I do that?

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