too many arguments

  1. J

    Airplane weight and balance

    I'm trying to write a formula for a aircraft weight and balance. The rear arm limit remains constant, but the forward limit shifts after reaching a certain weight. EX: Weight up to 2050 forward limit is 82.0 and rear limit is 93.0. Weights between 2050 and 2550 the forward limit shifts aft at a...
  2. K

    Too many arguments to function in "if" function

    Hello I wrote a formula in order to trace the boundaries of some wind values. The boundaries are 0-90 / 91-180 / 181-270 / 271-360, and in return I want to get 0 for the first group, 1,2,3 for the second,third and fourth respectively. The formula is the next one...
  3. S

    Nested IF functions giving Too Many Arguments error

    I have a workbook where I input information in specific cells to create combinations to calculate employee bonuses. My workbook has 4 tabs: Data Bonus Base Bonus Summary The Data tab is formatted like this: <tbody> Column A Column B Column C IF formula below Base Salary? Employee...
  4. S

    Combining Nested IF functions

    I have a spreadsheet that allows the user to input different employee/bonus combinations and based on the combination, I have assigned a number 1-4. For instance: A = 1 A+B = 2 A+C = 3 A*B = 4 I created a large nested IF statement to account for every combination, but I have two combinations...
  5. C

    Too many arguments for this function error

    I am trying to use the following formula - to contain 2 IF statements...
  6. S

    Average, Excluding Zeros, BUT it's not a Range, but selection of Cells. What's the formula? I get an Error

    Please help. I've tried using the following formula options, but keep getting an error due to "too many arguments". All my searches turn up formulas for averaging a range of cells where's I'm using a selection of cells not in a range that I can set apart with a colon. Please help. Thanks in...
  7. O

    Too many arguments

    Hi everyone! I've researched, tried different solutions, got help from a friend at work. I'm flummoxed... =IF(AND(E2>0,F2>0),(Main!G11-(DAYS(F2,E2)))/Main!G11,IF(AND(E2>0,F2=""),DAYS(E2,Main!D11)/Main!G11),IF(AND(E2="",F2>0),DAYS(Main!F11,F2)/Main!G11)) Your help is greatly appreciated...
  8. anna82marie

    ISERROR Function - Too many arguments: Please Help!!

    I'm having an issue trying to get the following formula to return N/A instead of #VALUE! =IF($K8>$F$5,(TODAY()-$K8)*($O8*0.2739726%),(TODAY()-$F$5)*($O8*0.2739726%)) Can anyone help me to do this? I can't get my head around it at all and have a deadline looming. Any help would be really...
  9. N

    Too many Arguments--INDEX issues

    =VLOOKUP($A$3, 'SAP Data'!$A$3:$A$7,1,FALSE,INDEX('SAP Data'!$AL$3:$AL$4805,SMALL(IF('SAP Data'!$AK$3:$AK$4805>=H3,IF('SAP Data'!$AK$3:$AK$4805<=N3,ROW('SAP Data'!$AL$3:$AL$4805)-ROW('SAP Data'!$AL$3)+1)),ROWS(H$3:H3)))) The above is the formula I'm using, just a little long. I'm using...
  10. X

    Help with YTD Average formula.

    Hi i'm working on a spreadsheet to show the monthly and YTD averages of Hands per hour/Spins per hour on 3 casino games. the problem i have is my YTD average has DIV/0! error , i want the ytd average to ignore months that haven't been input yet. e.g BJ hands per hour in Jan=70 so at this point...
  11. I

    Macro function returns "too many arguments' error

    When I insert the function pv() it returns an errorr message "You've entered too many arguments for this function." But I haven't called out too many arguments. Even worse is that I can call out functions pm(), pq() or pd() which are all similar but work! Here is the code for these functions...
  12. L

    Too many arguments

    Hi, I am trying to use a VLOOKUP function to fetch a value from a table on sheet 2 dependant upon the value entered in cell D1. I have done it for the first two columns in the table on sheet 2, but when I try to enter more, it says i have too many arguments....any ideas? The formula I want to...

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