1. M

    VBA for a Profit Calculation

    Date Type Stock Price Quantity Amount VBA Correct 04-01-2024 Bought MINM 3,960 10 39,60 04-01-2024 Sold MINM 3,900 10 39,00 -0,60 -0,60 04-01-2024 Bought MINM 4,060 10 40,60 - 04-01-2024 Bought MINM 3,760 10 37,60 - 04-01-2024 Sold MINM 4,130 20 82,60 7,40 4,40...
  2. L

    XLOOKUP Conundrum

    Hi All I'm trying to implement a trailing stop loss for simulated stock trading. See the mini sheets, which is are stripped back versions of my actual file as it would be too large. TL;DR: I need to achieve the result in column U "trailing sl time", without using any of the purple columns F:H...
  3. K

    Excel forex formula help needed

    Soo, I have this worksheet as seen in the attached picture. Basically, I have this table with live exchange rates that refresh every minute. The exchange rate data is sourced from a website. The only relevant exchange rate from the table is the EUR/USD. On the left-hand side We have the current...
  4. C

    Stop Loss Backtesting Formula

    Hi, I’m trying to figure out a formula that I’m finding a bit tricky. I’m backtesting a trading strategy and currently focusing on optimising a stop loss percentage. I have 8.5 years worth of data and I want to be able to tweak a Stop Loss percentage number to see what would have given optimum...
  5. M

    Count the number of "TRUE" cells in an adjacent field in a table?

    I have an Excel table with a field called TradingDay that simply stores Boolean values of whether a given date is a trading day. I used the formula described here to get whether the date is a trading day or not: Now I want to create a new field...
  6. E

    Stock market 15 minute calendar

    Hi, So, I'm having a rough go at it trying to create a calendar without manually entering every 26th row. I am attempting to create a 15 minute calendar for Stocks. For example: COL A 9/3/19 9:30 AM 9/3/19 9:45 AM = WORKDAY(A1,1,[holidays])+15/1440 9/3/19 10:00 AM =...
  7. M

    Dynamic criteria for SUMIF or dynamic getpivotdata

    Hi Everyone, I need help with a spreasheet issue related to my trading strategy. It would be great if I could upload the excel file, but it is too large. So I will carefully explain the problem with several images labelled in a word document -...
  8. M

    Average ifs for filtered data (visible data)

    Hi Everyone, This is my first post here! I am trying to play around with data on a trading strategy I have been working on. I have attached my problem into a new spreadsheet. The real original spreadsheet will be too large to attach here. What I need: I want to be able to filter data e.g...
  9. C

    pivot table filter by Row where either of 2 Column values <>0

    I have multiple pivot tables (PT) in a workbook, which are all based on the same source data. Each pivot table is identical except for the unit acronym used in the Report Filter. I just noticed an issue with one of them, and have searched for a while now, without success. I'm certain one of you...
  10. H

    VBA issue with JSON body send

    Hi, I am building a program in Excel/VBA to execute operations in the trading platform I am using their API and it is working perfectly for any public call. However, when I need to use Private calls, I cannot manage to correctly send the parameters requested for the authorization. Every...
  11. M

    Column in table based on previous rows

    Here is what my Excel spreadsheet formatted as a table looks like: <table> <tr> <th>Date</th> <th>Month Name</th> <th>Trading Day</th> </tr> <tr> <td>12/1/2017</td> <td>12</td> <td>TRUE</td> </tr> <tr> <td>12/2/2017</td> <td>12</td> <td>FALSE</td> </tr> <tr> <td>12/3/2017</td> <td>12</td>...
  12. J

    Help with setup of pivot table

    Hello again everyone! I was wondering if someone could help me with a problem i have. I work for a company that sells commodities (for this case i jsut need help with coffee), I have a sheet with our internal countries of origins and destinations along with the amount (in tons) that we send...
  13. M

    Calculate long/short positions

    Hi I’m an excel newbie. I have Mac excel 2010. I’m trying to perform trading backtesting and calculate long and short positions. In column A I have Google stock closing price In column B I have “BUY” or no information at all In column C I have “SELL” or no information at all In D2 I have...
  14. 1

    Trouble with Looping Formula

    Hi All, I am trying to use formulae for a trading calculator which uses a minimum working amount (A2:A12) of $30 and increments it to 10 percent once it is over $500. It then calculates profits F2:F12 based on wins (C2:C12) or losses (C2:C12). This works fine when I am using a test balance...
  15. R

    storing trading data

    dear programmers, i am using excel 2007, and i was hoping if someone can help me. i am using DDE stock quotes from think or swim. i want to capture the quotes and have them being stored so i can run some analysis on the data. below is what i want to accomplish: SHEET1 column A column B...

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