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    Conditional Formatting with Icon Sets - traffic light - Not turning the correct colour

    Hi I have used a conditional format for "icon sets" in Excel 2013 the traffic light option. Green >= 100, Orange >=80 Red <80 All worked fine on my first sheet however, when I tried to repeat it in 2 more sheets (in the same workbook) the green and orange are appearing red. Has that...
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    Executive Summary Dashboard with traffic lights

    Hi Guys, New to this forum need help with creating executive summary dashboard. I am using traffic light for quick visual, and now want to assign score to each row depending on the light. For example: Green = 12 Amber = half of green Red = 0 The scoring will vary depending on the item. Any...
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    Slider Scale Bar

    Hi Guys I was wondering if any of you experts could tell me how to create a slider scale type bar chart if at all possible. I'm due to produce my monthly energy reports at work and want to make them look a little swankier by updating and refreshing the overall format a little. A portion of my...
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    Traffic Lights

    Hi, Is there a way to insert a traffic light using VBA into something (Image, TextBox, Label, ect) on a userform? I found; Selection.FormatConditions(1).IconSet = ActiveWorkbook.IconSets(xl3TrafficLights1) ; in the Help section of my Excel but I cannot figure out how to implement this into my...
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    Dashboard Reporting

    I have created an excel dashboard that contains two separate traffic light charts. Each traffic light collects its data from a different cell. When only 1 traffic light is showing and the VB code is for 1 light it works. When I add the second light and code I get a "Compile Error: Ambiguous name...
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    Conditional Formatting 3 way 2 criteria XL2007

    Hi Excel people ! I've tried a few times but I can't figure it out. With the help of conditional Formatting I would like to check if a KPI is on target.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> The methode I'd like to use is "traffic light"...
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    Traffic Light RAG rating

    Hi, I would like to set up a report showing traffic light RAG rating for data in my table. I have a field within each record that contains the numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4. I would like to produce a query/report which counts the number of records showing 1's and 2s and displays the result as a...

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