1. W

    Transferring data from a user form

    Hi, I've created a userform with text boxes and check boxes but struggling to work out how to get the data transferred onto a spreadsheet via a submit button.
  2. H

    COUNTIFS for ranking - cell errors are not transferring as errors

    =COUNTIFS($CA:$CA,$CA3,CR:CR,"<"&CR3)+COUNTIFS($CA3:$CA3,$CA3,CR3:CR3,CR3) with this, which I'm using to rank numbers within a range, it works very well, except for the fact that the errors in column CR are not appearing as errors Currently they are appearing as numbers (the total number of...
  3. A

    VBA code for automatically data transferring

    Hello All: I have a question regarding how to automatically transferring data from one excel workbook to another one. I have 2 workbooks, one of them saves all the trans-action that we have made over the last 5 years. the workbook contains 20 columns, including invoice numbers, invoice amount...
  4. C

    Low values not being carried over

    Hi, I have about 30 tables that hold prices of goods in categories. I have use the Append function to create a master price list by combining all the tables. When I add new items to the individual tables the Appended table updates nicely with the additional items. The problem I have that any...
  5. M

    Pulling across latest entry

    Hi Guys, I need to create a spreadsheet with worksheets for individual people and a summary worksheet listing everyone with the latest entry from their worksheet showing. I'm struggling to work out how to pull across just the latest entry in their lists - can you help? For example; Person A...

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