1. C

    Power Query: Transform long list data source to table

    Hello, I have a csv data source with the data structure like: A: customer1_related_info1 B: customer1_related_info2 C:customer1_related_info2 .. ZZ:customer1_related_info50 A: customer2_related_info1 B: customer2_related_info2 C:customer2_related_info2 .. ZZ:customer2_related_info50 . . A...
  2. T

    Power Query: Apply a Transformation to a Dynamic Column Range

    Hello all, I've written a transformation to look up a column header in a table and return the number of hours corresponding to that value. The original value in the cell is then divided by this number. The amount of header columns and their names can vary depending on the workbook so it doesn't...
  3. Z

    Extract 1-N value(s) from a string of text in 1 cell - multiple extraction values in separate tables (excel formula needed)

    Thank you in advance for the help! ? After extensive forum research, I decided to post since I was unable to find a comparable problem/solution. Summary I need a formula that can extract a value from within a string of text based on a list of multiple criteria to look for (e.g. if value 1, 2...
  4. B

    Pattern Transfer: Excel copy-paste tool, for data transformation

    Hi everybody I'd like to share my Excel copy-paste / data transformation tool called Pattern Transfer: The tool allows you to configure source and destination data "patterns" so that you can transform the data structure of many records, quickly and accurately. There's a...
  5. R

    Power Query to extract rows based on criteria

    Hi there, I have two data sets - one has total quantity and one has all invoice details (Invoice number, Quantity, Date). I need to extract all invoices which comprise of the quantity on hand. Data set as below: Table 1 - Quantity on Hand: Item Number Item Description GSV QTY 00000429...
  6. D

    Transform text in cells in to table (VBA)

    Hello, dear VBA masters Does anybody know how to transform text in cell into table using VBA I have a list of our customers with their contact information. The emails and phone numbers are being stored in the cells. I need to extract them and create the table and use them / update and etc in...
  7. B

    Having to restructure table to a strange format, need ideas on how to do it in bulk

    I have a set of data as shown in the table below that I need to showcase in the format as shown in the 2nd table. But a little background first: In the table below we used a typical format for customer data, where each unique combination of data had its own row, so if Customer 12345 had US...
  8. B

    Data Transformation: Transpose Rows into Columns

    I'm looking to transpose a spreadsheet that consists of a column with an ID for the whole row of data, followed by data fields listed in a typical column/row setup, similar to the table below. And for background, my particular data set has thousands of rows and about 20 or so columns. <tbody>...
  9. C

    Transforming irregular paragraph-style data into Excel

    I've been tinkering with this problem for a while, but haven't been able to make much headway; I'm sure there's probably a simple solution I'm missing. I have a .txt dataset of the form; ID number Name Address1 City Tel ID number Name Address1 Address2 City that I've been trying to transform...
  10. S

    Data transformation and Transpose in Excel

    Hi There, I am just starting with advanced excel now and have following problem - <tbody> Primary set of data Options Product Quantity Price Option 1 Product 1 1 10 Option 1 Product 2 1 10 Option 1 Product 3 1 10 Option 1 Product 4 1 10 Option 1 Product 5 1 10 Option 2 Product 1...
  11. H

    VBA for update a cell based off another cell

    Hi I am unable to get my macro to work to update one cell based off another cell. I need " Escalated to Issue" cells in Column N to transform "Risk" value cells in Column H to "Issue" value cells in Column H. Can someone help :) This is what I have Sub Test() Dim LastRow As Long Dim i...
  12. F

    Data transformation help - transaction data currently in columns needs to altered

    Hi guys I have a set of data, pulled from Google Analytics in the following format: Transaction ID | Product Name 1 | milk 1 | bread 2 | jam 3 | bread 3 | honey I need to transform this data...
  13. F

    Transform an Excel sales table with multiple monthly sales column into an Access DB

    Getting sales volumes and quantities from a SAP-based system into an Excel sheet, I'm looking for an easy way (VBA or function) to transform those data into an Access DB. The actual format of the data is looking like this: <tbody> Material-ID Product segment Factory Sub-group 1 Sub-group...
  14. D

    Advanced/Expert: XML+XML integration to Xlsx batch process

    Hello all, Talking about Excel 2007 on Windows 7. Here is the deal: Let's say I have two xml docs, that, if opened in excel, and opened as an XML table would like like this: #1 Case Info: here's a link to the file- it just needs to become a sheet- no transformation needed...
  15. M

    Format string as date and time for time series analysis

    I want to find a way to change a string to usable date and time values so that I can run time series analyis on them. I have extracted printing records, each with "timestamps" from poster printers, but the data is unusable as it is. What I get is a string(well, thousands of them, in a column)...
  16. B

    Challenging Excel Question

    Hello everybody, I posted this question a few days ago and haven't gotten any replies. Not sure if this functionality is just too hard to do in Excel or if I wasn't very clear in what I'm trying to get the spreadsheet to do. Any help would be appreciated! I am working on a project in Excel...
  17. D

    transforming column data to rows on a new worksheet

    Hi I have a spreadsheet as follows: Col A: phone number Col B: text msg. So data might look like: Col A.......Col B 99998888 Good Morning Robert 77776666 Greetings Mary I want to create a single-column text file which would present the above data as: 99998888 Good Morning Robert 77776666...
  18. S

    how to tranform data in Access - urgent

    I have a big data in the following format (Headings) ProjectID ; Jan ;Feb (Data row 1) A; 1 ; 2 (Data row 2) B; 4 ;Null I want to transfer this data in the following...

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