1. D

    Complex Nested IF AND

    Hi everyone, I could use some help. I'm trying to draft a complex IF statement to break various customers into a green, yellow, orange, or red status. I have a column to specifically state this, which will use conditional formatting per color, so our leadership can more easily see which of...
  2. H

    Microsoft Query > Power BI

    Hi all, Hope all is well Thanks for taking the time to read this. I have recently started with Power BI, previously relying on Microsoft Query to pull data into Excel to manipulate. Looking for any guidance to getting Power BI set up to replace / refresh Microsoft Queries. In principle I...
  3. V

    Randomly assign a grade based on an exact uniform distribution and size (excel/VBA)

    I have a 3x3 migration matrix and I would like, based on the transition rates, to randomly choose which items to move from a state to another and keep the same distribution, for instance if i have this array: Pupil Grade Grade N+1 1 A A 2 A A 3 B A 4 B B 5 A B 6 A C...
  4. N

    changing the transition effect property in macro

    Hi, Is it possible to change the transition effect property in a macro? What I want to do is to change between CoverRight and CoverLeft depending on if the previous tab is left or right from the selected tab. I use the mouse down event to register the present tab and the mouse up event to...
  5. G

    Understanding context transition - duplicate rows

    So I thought I was starting to understand context transition, but I got thrown a curveball over the weekend. I have a dataset that records sales, where each row is a single sale transaction. Columns include a customerid and product id that both connect out to dimension tables, but also includes...
  6. N

    Locked Sheets and Hiding Rows

    I am having an issue with my sheets being locked and using a MACRO transition code to hide and unhide rows by clicking on a circle shape . My Transition code hides and unhides rows 16-17. I would like to still hide and unhide these rows even if the sheet is locked. But currently when i lock it...
  7. L

    Multipage TransitionEffect

    Hello, I've search but haven't found my answer yet. Is there a way to change the TransitionEffect for a Multipage based off of the button selected? I'm looking for coding rather than changing the effect under the page properties. Example: Next Button: Pages Push up Previous Button: Pages Push...

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