1. G

    Mysterious Transparent Shape Showing up on all Excel Tabs

    I have this rectangle that is semi transparent that is showing up in the right hand corner of my Excel spreadsheets. It is showing up in all tabs. It is not a cell setting as it doesn't align with the cells. It does not seem to be a picture as it does not allow me to select it and I can...
  2. L

    How to remove checkered background

    Hi all, I have an image with a transparent background that when I insert it in Excel, I still see the transparent background. Is it possible to hide the checkered background? Thanks.
  3. A

    Transparent ListBox function.

    Hello, Good Day! Is it possible to create a transparent listbox?
  4. W

    Manually inserted Transparent Command Buttons

    How can I create a transparent Command Button? I would like to have 50 or so Command Buttons overlaying cells in a worksheet such that the contents of the cells will show through the command button.
  5. D

    Making Comment Indicator Transparent

    Hi all Question relating to Comments using Excel 2010. I have a sheet that contains a huge amount of comments making the sheet itself very difficult to read. Is there anyway of making the comment indicator transparent? Or This there anyway of not displaying the comment indicator but the...
  6. K

    Transparent commandbutton that refuses to stay transparent??

    Private Sub cmdRosenbergElCampo_Click() If cmdRosenbergElCampo.Caption = "EL-CAMPO" Then Worksheets("Current").cmdRosenbergElCampo.Caption = "ROSENBERG" Worksheets("Current").cmdRosenbergElCampo.BackStyle = BackStyleTransparent Call Macro3 Else...
  7. S

    VBA button to filter out transparent cells

    Hi everyone, I've spent two days using my Google-fu trying to find an answer, but I'm stumped. I have a spreadsheet that I'm using to monitor the progress of a number of projects, sort of Gantt chart-style. The projects are listed down the rows and the months of the year are the columns...
  8. Softedge

    macro button not remaining transparent

    i would appreciate some help on a button problem i'm having. i've created a macro button using the 'control toolbox toolbar'. i've also set the button background the same colour as the cell under the button. i've then made the button background transparent. before i 'click' the button the...
  9. Jaafar Tribak

    Background Click-Through Image in single or multiple cells

    As you know, you can set a background image for an entire sheet, but can you set a background image to cover only a selection of cells, say B8:E20 ? Unfortunatly, there is no way to send an image behind the cells The usual workaround to this problem is to place over the designated cells a...
  10. S

    Printing header or footer image appears on top of text

    hi im new to this forum although I have learned a few things from it when searching. I did a lot of googling but there seems to be no answer for this - If it's there I haven't been able to find it. Basically I would like to create a washedout or transparent image behind my invoice table. The...
  11. P

    Bubble charts and colours

    Hi Everybody I hope you can help me - I have been searching for the answer and got so far but cant seem to get over the final hurdle I have worked out how to create a bubble chart and pieced together a macro from others work, with the aim of making the bubbles coloured based on a column of...
  12. Jaafar Tribak

    ShapeEx :_ Make your shapes float and make their background transparent

    Hi all, Been working on this little project and thought I would post here what I have come up with so far. Essentially, the code enables you to clone worksheet shapes in order to make the shapes float over the worksheet and also gives you the possibility to make an area of the shape...
  13. W

    Draw Smooth Transparent Shapes on Radar Chart

    Hi guys, I have tried to run the code given to draw smooth transparent shapes on radar chart, as suggested by Peltier as shown in the website below. I believe some of you should be an expert in handling the chartin...
  14. repairman615

    Transparent text in a shapes("TextBox 1")

    Hello, I have a textbox placed in the sheet from the insert menu. It is possible to set the transparency of the text manually...right click>format text effect>fill>transparency. Using vba, how could this be accomplished? Any insight is greatly appreciated. <font face=Courier...
  15. caringsharingbristolbilly

    Create Excel shape from MapInfo *OR* make picture background transparent?

    Hi all. Further to an original thread (, I have a question regarding shapes and images in Excel. Basically, I'm trying to make a map of 14 regions where each region changes brightness depending on values in the worksheets. I think I've got...

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